Country Line Dancing Craze

Is this a new fad, or something that I just didn’t know about? I feel like I finally pulled my head out from under a rock. In the last year or so I’ve seen or heard more about line dancing than I ever had in my life.  And yes it’s really cool, exciting, fun and dare I say, quite sexy.

Some day we are all going to laugh about this but. The day before the world shut down I was in San Juan Capistrano at The Swallow’s Inn. Sounds like a hotel but it’s an actual country-western bar. We arrived there at approximately 4 PM on a Sunday and the place was packed! Everybody was having such a great time laughing and smiling and yes a lot of touching, twirling and twisting.

I really wanted to dance but I realized, I didn’t know how to line dance. As a group of people headed out to the dance floor and moved to a choreographed dance made of a repeated sequence of steps. I wanted to dance like them, but my feet aren’t listening, and they are just moving so fast. Everyone seems to know all the dances. I really loved watching them, and couldn’t take my eyes off the dance floor. I was completely mesmerized sitting on the sidelines trying to make sense of the steps.

They started calling last call around 4:30 and we couldn’t understand why. What’s going on, I asked the bartender. He let me know that they had to shut down for Covid. And that’s when the pandemic hit and the music died. Bye, Bye Miss American Pie immediately jumped into my head.

More Country Western Bars

Well throughout the Pandemic, we found out that several country-western bars were open and still dancing, line dancing that is. So we decided to be a little bad and head for trouble. Which we found a lot of, throughout the pandemic, LOL. But we will get to that in a different article.  Well, maybe I can start one now. Arizona was open before California. So guess where we went. If you guessed Arizona, you were right. We ended up at a rodeo, which some friends had invited us to. They tell us there is some bull riding contest. and we think how cute they have a mechanical bull there. We both look at each other and say in unison…no we are not riding the bull.  

Much to our surprise this bar, the Buffalo Chip Saloon, in Scottsdale, Arizona had real bull riders, real bulls and the place was packed. We couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen this many people in forever. Following the bull riders was music and dancing. But remember, I told you before I can’t country line dance. 

So we decided to take a stroll to another bar right next door. And guess what? You got it, the bar right next door was a country bar too. What are the odds of two bars right next to each other being both country-western bars with line dancing? And, they were both packed. And I’m talking packed with the most beautiful people you had ever seen. The way they moved was sexy as hell. I wanted to sign up for lessons right there just so I could be that sexy. LOL

Any volunteers to teach me? Are there any places in San Diego that teach country line dancing? What are your experiences with line dancing or country western bars? Don’t limit yourself to San Diego, I’ll go wherever the cool wind takes me.

See you at my next adventure rafting down the Salt River or who knows where the Cool Wind will take me next.

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Heather Winfield
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