The long summer days are ideal for reading marathons. On the other hand, now is the perfect time for the style-obsessed to get caught up before the Back to School fashion week in the fall. We have compiled the definitive summer reading list for the fashion-obsessed, including everything from uplifting page-turners to juicy exposés on the industry’s most prominent houses of design to lighthearted how-to manuals. This summer, you may want to hit the books first before heading to the beach or the shops.

The Carrie Chronicles, by Candace Bushnell. Where did Carrie Bradshaw come from before “Sex and the City”? Carrie’s final year of high school is the setting for this prequel, which details her life before she becomes a famous columnist and fashion design star. For those who have seen the movies and seen the series, this book is essential reading.

Christian Siriano’s “Fierce Style” is a manual for finding and embracing one’s inner badass. The Project Runway champion’s book is out, and it’s just as outlandish and hilarious as the designer himself. First and foremost, he gives forth tried and true fashion tips that may transform any woman from a “hot tranny mess” into a tough fashionista.

Alfredo Cabrera and Matthew Frederick’s “101 Things I Learned at Fashion School.” How do creative minds identify emerging styles? The fashion calendar is what? I was wondering what the process was for taking a collection from idea to store shelves. The answers to these and ninety-eight other questions are contained within this book, which is a must-read for anyone considering a career in fashion design or who is simply captivated by the industry.

Murder and intrigue at the center of the world’s largest fashion house are chronicled in Jenny Gucci’s book, “Gucci Wars: How I Survived It.” This explosive exposé takes us behind the scenes of the Gucci fashion house to reveal the family’s scandals and wealth. The book, written by one of the Gucci wives, proves that truth really is stranger than fiction.

Linda Grant has written a book titled “The Thoughtful Dresser: The Art of Adornment, the Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter.” Those with an eye for style realize that garments are more than just a means to an end—they’re also a means to express who we are. This book is the intellectual’s guide to clothing, exploring how what we wear says about us and how we may change who we are.

Isabel Wolff’s “A Vintage Affair.” In this tale set in a London vintage clothing store, two women discover they share a common background thanks to a child’s coat. For more information visit Greetings us

Color and Taste, by David Zyla. There’s been talk of color theory in the fashion industry before, but never quite like this. The Emmy-nominated fashion expert expands on the “what season are you?” method with 24 variants to help you find the colors that will not only improve your appearance but also have other magical effects, such as attracting love or boosting your authority at work. It’s just as entertaining as consulting a medium.

The art of living with style, grace, and elegance; how to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World, by Jordan Christy. Young women today often fantasize of becoming “bad girl” celebrities since being the subject of a tabloid headline is considered glamorous. The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman by Karen Karbo and Chesley McLaren demonstrates to modern women that they can be stunning and alluring without resorting to extreme measures like drug or alcohol abuse. In challenging the traditional roles of women, Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion industry. A guide to answering the question, “What would Coco do?” Stories from the life of the legendary designer offer insight on fashion, love, and even the economy.

Teen Vogue’s Career Guide: The Insider’s View on the Fashion Industry. This book offers “real world” information and advice for a variety of beauty and fashion careers, from designers to makeup artists, and is a must-read for anybody interested in a career in the industry. Learn from the experiences of successful designers like Marc Jacobs, and decide if a career in fashion is right for you.

“Ilana Stranger-Underwear”. Ross’s Sima’s Women’s Sima owns and operates a thriving lingerie boutique in Brooklyn, but her life is anything but mundane until she employs a seamstress who comes to act as the daughter she never had. In this ode to friendship, it takes a seamstress to prove that two people who seem to share nothing in common may yet form a strong bond.

Maybe this summer you’ll pick up one of these books, and in a few years, you’ll have your own bestseller in the world of fashion.

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