As the spring cleaning tide rolls in, a wave of eager cleaners will crash onto the shores of #cleantok, TikTok’s bustling hub for household hygiene. Here, influencers dazzle with tips to make your abode sparkle effortlessly.

Yet, Matt Ayres, a sage in the realm of appliances from RDO Kitchens & Appliances, casts a shadow of doubt on these viral virtues. He warns that some of these internet-born cleaning tactics are not just ineffective but could wreak havoc in your home.

Dive into the debunking of five viral cleaning myths that might do more harm than good this spring:

The Slippery Slope of Baby Oil

Gleaming stainless steel is the crown jewel of many kitchens, yet it’s a magnet for smudges. TikTok’s aisles are awash with claims that baby oil can restore the luster of everything from fridges to stovetops. Although it might initially give a streak-free sheen, baby oil is a dust magnet, leaving appliances feeling sticky and looking dingy. For a true sparkle, a white vinegar mist on a dry cloth will do the trick without the grime.

The Sink Scandal

A viral sink-cleaning tip tricks users into prying out the plug hole’s rubber seal, mistaking it for dirt, potentially leading to costly leaks. Instead of dismantling your sink, use a reliable drain unblocker and hot water rinse regularly. Maintain cleanliness and prevent clogs with a simple baking soda and boiling water treatment.

Air Fryer Fiasco

The popular method of filling an air fryer with soapy water and turning it on is not just ineffective but downright dangerous. This approach can damage the fryer’s innards and pose a fire risk. Patience is a virtue; wait for the appliance to cool, then disassemble and clean each part with warm, soapy water to prevent any greasy buildup safely.

Oven Cleaning Conundrum

An online oven-cleaning formula—comprising dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar—promises to cut through grime but ends up being a labor-intensive mess. Instead of concocting this paste, opt for a straightforward oven cleaner to dissolve dirt with less fuss and no risk of scratching sensitive surfaces.

Lemon Juice: A Sour Solution

Lemon juice, TikTok’s darling for its purported antibacterial prowess, is often touted for cleaning kitchen wares. However, its acidic nature can damage chrome finishes, stripping away the shine and inviting rust. To keep fixtures gleaming, stick to a gentle soap and water mix.

In the realm of cleaning, it seems the bright, viral lights of TikTok may lead you astray. Heed the advice of experts like Ayres and choose methods that combine efficiency with care, ensuring your home remains pristine and protected.



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