Things grow better at 11 degrees north of the tropics, where Farmer & Founder of Good Land Organics/ FRINJ Coffee, Jay Ruskey, introduces his latest Geisha specialty coffee and a seasonal offering of unique, exotic fruits.

Caviar limes, cherimoyas, Surinam cherries, and, yes, California-grown coffee are just a few of the delicacies you will find at Good Land Organics, the home of the first commercial coffee farm in the mainland U.S., FRINJ Coffee. Situated just two miles from the Pacific Ocean, the CCOF Certified Organic sub-tropical farm is cared for by a team whose agricultural skill produces successful yields from crops not normally grown in California.

In addition to their latest seasonal fruit offerings, the farm has introduced its latest Good Land Organics Geisha craft coffee with tasting notes of coffee blossom, lime, and honey. Amidst climbing passion fruit, ascending loquats, lush avocados, and bright pink dragon fruit, this Geisha draws nutrients from a complex bouquet of soil biology and ecological context. In the cup, the Geisha varietal is classically known for its silky mouthfeel, fruit-forward flavor profile, and exquisite cleanliness.

“It’s a uniquely Californian expression of coffee, not to be missed,” says Farmer & Founder of Good Land Organics and FRINJ Coffee, Jay Ruskey.

Earlier this year, FRINJ Coffee released two Geisha varietals through Santa Barbara-based Rancho Delfino and San Diego-based Mraz Family Farms, owned by Grammy Award Winning Musician Jason Mraz. The latest Geisha joins its predecessors with high cupping scores.

Lots of fruit surrounded by Geisha CoffeeWhile Ruskey introduced coffee to Good Land Organics as a mere trial crop, he soon discovered that it was possible to grow sizeable yields of coffee by interplanting it with exotic fruits, the latter providing nutrients that help coffee trees grow, as well as the necessary shade protection to shield the delicate coffee shrubs.

Soon, Good Land Organics’ distinction among California farmers grew; it was no longer just a mecca for exotic fruits but the birthplace of California-grown coffee. Ruskey had found such success with his layered agriculture approach that he developed a whole systems solution for California-grown coffee production. To date, FRINJ Coffee is grown at over 70 farms in California.

“Good Land Organics is proud to continue building California’s coffee industry from seedling to bean to cup to produce the highest-grade specialty coffee through FRINJ,” said Ruskey. “We love awakening people to the boldness of the California coffee experience.”

FRINJ Coffee

FRINJ Coffee is a late-stage growth company, coffee breeder, and luxury coffee producer. In 2002, Farmer & Agronomist Jay Ruskey planted a trial crop of coffee at his family-owned and operated farm in the hills of Santa Barbara, California called Good Land Organics. Ruskey proved that coffee could be grown successfully outside tropical regions and put California coffee on the map! The farm takes the coffee experience full circle, from seed to harvest to roast to cup. FRINJ Coffee was incorporated in 2017, setting out to provide California farmers an opportunity to diversify their farm portfolios.

Today, they support over 70 farms in the coastal climates of Central and Southern California. Their science-forward services span from production to post-harvest to product marketing, ensuring excellence from the field to the cup.  For more information, visit FRINJ Coffee online. For media inquiries, contact Christina Madrid at Christie & Co,, by phone (818) 621-1897 and/or email

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