E-gaming is a digital revolution in which any activity of recreation. One or more players play it through a computer or laptop. It is a video game comprising graphics. E-gaming includes all electronic gaming ranging from mobile games to video games, console games to PC games. It also includes online streaming games, which require an internet connection. Choose the spectrum internet plans that are affordable cost and offer high speed.  There is also e-sports. If you ask what e-sport is, it is electronic gaming.


In which several players play, in the form of a flock online. It can also be the fact that it is more of professional gaming. Which is mostly matches are at international or national arenas. Internet is required for e-sports. For that spectrum, internet plans bring you the best services at low prices. Furthermore, the difference between e-gaming and eSports is that e-sport multipliers are needed and there are competitions while e-gaming just clicks and plays. For online gaming, several devices can be used like Sony PlayStation portable or popular handled consoles. It can also be played on the iPod touch or iPad. These devices do not need wired internet but work wireless. All you need is a stable internet connection like spectrum internet plans, which is also budget-friendly.

More About Online Games

Online gaming is not a cheap thing. The industry is a very high budget with evolving games. Although the industry making a game is super expensive. Sometimes the developers spend millions of dollars on a game. According to Newzoo, the industry will earn more than 1.8 billion dollars in 2021. It also predicted that the industry is increasing exponentially at the rate of 9.6 percent-plus annually. The e-gaming industry has so much to offer. Especially in times of pandemic, this industry grew manifolds. People had no outdoor recreational activities. Even those people who were against online gaming started playing it. The market has grown so large.

However, There is a lot of competition. Every developer tries to surpass the last one. With this race, we have seen that the most famous games have fewer development charges as compared to the marketing budget. Because in this race you need to present a good game but cannot stop there. You also have to capture the market and as told above the market for it is so vast that in near future there is no stop to it. As long as your users are satisfied, you are at the crown of the market. Regarding game development, the cost of a game also depends on the title and length of the game.

With such huge investments, like any other business, game-making is also very risky. You spend a huge sum of money on something, which is still to sell. Sometimes games pay off enough to a developer or sometimes it becomes a flop game. So far, the below-mentioned games are the topmost expensive games in the world. Moreover, with time, the games are getting bigger and more complex and also their prices are getting high.

Here is the list of the 5 top most expensive games in the world.

  1. Shadow of Tomb Raider

It is one of the most expensive category games with a slow start, costing around 100 million dollars to its developer at the start but later on, the budget rose to over 135 million dollars in 2018. The marketing of the game cost a lot because it did not get famous at the start. That is why its developers had difficulty managing the costs of the game. However, later with the addition of Lara croft with a weapon handy, it became a little success.

  1. Destiny 

Destiny was a success as compared to its predecessor. Its CEO Bobby Kotick said that the game is going to be one of the high-budget games around 500 million dollars but when the game came out the price was way less around 140 million dollars. It got quite famous among gamers coz of its multiplayer feature. This game also had good reviews.

  1. Star Wars the Old Republic

This was one of the games with a promising future. The title was very famous. Star wars got famous enough to make its players want to become Jedi themselves. The game came with a lot of features. However, everything with a worth costs a lot of wealth too. Likewise, this game cost straight 200 million dollars for only its development. This is a huge sum of money for any online game for its development. Furthermore, there is no idea about the cost of its marketing. Nevertheless, it will also be a huge sum as to make a success a lot of marketing is also required. In short, the game was a success and worth it for its developer.

  1. Call of duty: modern warfare 2

It is one of the most famous online games around the globe. One can say it was a success of its developer. Also not a cheap one of course. The game costs more than 250 million dollars. The game is second on the top of the list because of its budget. However, the important and different thing about this game is that not all the money went into its development. Rather the development budget was only around 50 million dollars and all of the rest of the money went into its marketing. Maybe that is the reason for its success. Nevertheless, it was great series with a huge fan circle.

  1. Grand theft auto V

This was a milestone of this decade. Whoever played this game became its fan. The most famous game and also developed with the top of budget on the list around 265 million dollars. However, it was worth it. The franchise pour millions but the response from fans was all-praising. The budget was not all about development; certainly, it was spent on its marketing too.

Lastly, the industry is very appealing because it is natural. The investors and sponsors are ready to put money into it because it automatically attracts viewership. The more the viewership is, the more money it can generate. Advertisements are displayed in the games of their sponsors and investors earn from them directly.

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