There is a lot of home technology out there.

And, honestly, most people probably don’t need a smart floss dispenser, smart egg tray, or smart umbrella, yet these products are still available.

Below, we will cover the top 6 practical home technology investments you can make for your home that will actually make your life easier, more fun, help save time, or just make some things significantly better.

  • A Non-work Computer

Many of us are working from home these days, or at least sometimes have to hop on the computer from home to get things done after hours from time to time.

For those of you in this situation, making sure that you have a designated work computer and home computer can help keep everything separate and avoid the blending together of your home life and work life.

Having a non-work personal computer for gaming, online telemedicine doctor’s visits, casually browsing the internet, online shopping, and streaming can help you disconnect from work in the post-work hours without worries of seeing new email notifications pop up, or dread that your kids may delete that report you have been working on for months.

Also, having a dedicated computer for work and one for leisure will further reinforce that you are off-the-clock and help you relax.

  • An Instapot

Some of you may be whizzes in the kitchen and have no problem whipping up healthy homemade meals on the regular. But, for the rest of us, an instapot can help take some of the pressure off of cooking.

The pressure-cooking instapot allows you to throw a range of ingredients into the pot, and then it handles the difficult parts of cooking like temperature control and timing.

An instapot is a kitchen tech gadget that can ensure you have a healthy and tasty stew, soup, protein, or casserole for dinner ready in a fraction of the time of stove-top or oven cooking. And, if beans are your thing, prepare to take the timing of those down from seemingly all day to less than 45 minutes.

If all that you seem to find is 10 minutes to prep and measure ingredients, the instapot can help transform your meals from basic to delicious.

  • A Projector

For the film buffs, a projector can function as the TV substitute of your dreams.

A projector can create a movie-theatre-like screen in your living room for a surprisingly realistic cinematic experience.

This can help improve the quality of your movie nights in, while helping you save money on heading out to the theatre.

Most projectors are small enough to be easily transported from room to room, making the need for multiple TVs disappear.

  • An E-Reader

An e-reader can help you read more books while also keeping the physical books from piling up on your shelves.

For those of you who are short on space or move often, an e-reader is a great way to encourage more reading without the guilt of adding another item to your already packed home bookshelf.

  • An Electric Kettle

The tea drinkers of the world don’t know what they are missing if they are still heating up their tea water in a microwave.

An electric kettle can quickly heat water to the ideal temperatures to steep white, green, black, or oolong tea (yes, they are different), ensuring that your expertly grown leaves don’t just get thrown into a mug of near-boiling water hoping that it works out.

You will find that using the correct temperature of water from an electric kettle can help enhance the flavors of a good tea and elevate the tea-drinking experience.

  • An Air Purifier

Pet dander and pollen are common allergens that can trigger an allergic response and subsequent near-daily use of allergy medications in many.

However, picking up a HEPA filter air purifier for the home may help make your abode an oasis from these particles. Or, at least make your symptoms a little less severe by reducing their numbers in the air.

You can’t do much about the trees you are allergic to outside of your work window, but at the very least, you can help yourself feel a little more comfortable when you are at home.

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