The city of Milan is one of the most important in all of Europe at the business level, which has a large representation of Spaniards who are in this city located in northern Italy for studies or work reasons, either permanently or temporary.

A totally international city, very dynamic and highly productive, Milan has an excellent business environment, which has caused that in recent years people from all parts of the world have to travel to it to carry out their business, hold meetings, attend fairs, congresses, courses, etc.

If this is your case, Coworking Milan is the ideal solution for smart workers who are in Milan for short or long periods of time, and are looking for a workplace that is perfectly located, and has a quiet reserved environment.

Guava Milano: coworking in the CityLife of Milan

At a time when remote work is the order of the day, and aware that Milan is a city where countless businessmen and professionals arrive every day for work reasons, to attend fairs, conferences, etc. Guava Milano offers a shared workspace in Milan to all those who are going to spend a season in the Italian city.

It is a dynamic, versatile and fully equipped coworking for freelancers and professionals, which allows you to work when you want with total freedom, in a space designed to work and fully equipped in which you will increase your productivity and have everything you need, which also allows you to It will allow you to be in contact with other professionals, having the opportunity to network.

It is located a short distance from CityLife, the largest urban redevelopment project in Europe, in the heart of Portello, one of the most emblematic, dynamic and modern neighborhoods in the city. Here, formerly the old area of ​​the Milan Fair was located.

The CityLife is a residential and office complex that is colloquially known as “Tre Torri” (Three Towers), because it is made up of a total of three tall towers, each named after the architects who designed them. (Arata Isozaki, Daniel Libenskind and Zaha Hadid), who are three of the most prestigious and emblematic architects of today.

Without a doubt, CityLife is one of the main business areas of Milan, where some of the most important companies not only from Italy, but from all over the world are located.

What does Guava Milano offer?

Designed for those smart workers who are in the city of Milan temporarily, Guava Milano will allow you to have a shared work office, where you can work and carry out all kinds of meetings in the best conditions.

With hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Sunday, it allows you to rent workspaces by the hour in a flexible way, depending on your needs, so that you have a fully equipped office, office or meeting room when you need it.

With an attractive and stimulating work environment, this coworking offers different types of services so that you can choose the ones that best suit your work:

Rental desk

You can get a fully equipped rental desk with all the comforts, such as an ergonomic chair, high-speed WiFi, etc., where you can easily move your office.

Meeting room

If you need to hold a meeting and you are looking for a suitable place that has everything you need, Guava offers you a complete meeting room by the hour, fully equipped for presentations, meetings, interviews, training courses, etc.

Extended hours

Undoubtedly, one of the requirements that a coworking has to have is to have a wide opening hours and Guava has it. It opens from Monday to Sunday and no less than ten hours a day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. In short, it is a coworking in Milan that has its doors open a total of 70 hours a week. Perfect to adapt to all kinds of work rhythms and hourly needs.

In short, Guava Milano is a coworking located in one of the most exclusive areas of Milan, perfectly connected and fully equipped, where you can enjoy a quality workspace for hours, with total flexibility.

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