Treat mom and your own jewelry wardrobe to your new favorite seasonless accessory you can’t live without Chrysmela’s signature earring ‘Catch’ and luxurious Pearl & European Crystal Jackets.  U.S.-based Chrysmela has solved the 5,000-year-old problem of lost earrings (and droopy earlobes) as the world’s most secure earring back with a revolutionary design. Chrysmela is the only earring back that automatically fits, locks, and lifts, all sizes of earrings with its innovative-precision patented technology, so popular, that Chrysmela is celebrating 1 million units sold this month! Chrysmela is the perfect catch for your diamond studs, heirloom earrings, heavier statement earrings, workouts.. you know, every earring you don’t want to lose. The technology allows you to replace all types of conventional backs with just one pair of Chrysmela, and you’ll never have to worry about losing an earring again.

The brand’s revolutionary hero products include the signature Chrysmela Catchin Platinum, 24K Gold, and Rose Gold, as well as the Chrysmela Extra featuring a wider disc to lift heavier earrings, to support delicate lobes, and straighten uneven piercings. Its Gold and Platinum coatings are the highest grade 99.9% in purity.  The patented mechanism is made with Surgical Stainless Steel to be safely hypoallergenic and support up to 17 pounds! What does that mean? No more droopy earlobes (Retail Price: $50). Chrysmela also expanded its collection to include Duchess Collection Earring Jackets with Swarovski Pearls or European Crystals to dress up your favorite studs. Additionally, Chrysmela partnered with Master Yosemono artist Masaaki Takahashi to design hand-made earring jacket sets to elevate your jewelry wardrobe further. Styles include the Neuron Front and Back Earring Jacket Set, Shining Wing Front and Back Earring Jacket Sets, and Shizuku Earring Jacket Sets.


✔️ ONE FITS ALL, no sizes. Treat all your earrings with the best back-to-match. 
✔️ BEAUTY: Lift & prevent lobe stretch – let’s not add earring lift surgery to our to-do list! ✔️  STYLE: Produced with highest grade Platinum, 24K Gold, and Rose Gold coatings 99.9% in purity.
✔️  SAFE: Made with Surgical Stainless Steel to be safely hypoallergenic.
✔️  ITS TECHNICAL: Featuring first-of-its-kind patented technology to ensure it perfectly fits, locks, and lifts. Chrysmela is produced in the same high-tech factories in Japan that manufacture smartphone camera parts and fine watches. Chrysmela’s patented technology uses three micro ball bearings to lock your earrings into place.  
✔️  Never have to worry about losing an earring again.
✔️   Invented by a Woman, Run by Women. 

Chrysmela partners with several female-owned and operated businesses, including over 1,000 fine jewelry shops in the US and Japan. Chrysmela is now available for sale at, Amazon, and select brick-and-mortars in the U.S. with shipping available worldwide.

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