Whether your loved ones just relocated to a new home or apartment, the moving process can be daunting. And moving around the holidays can be extra tricky when life is already out of control. A nice housewarming gift might be just the perfect thing for that new homeowner or renter psyched about their new space all over again. 

But finding the perfect house gift can be overwhelming by adding one more thing to your holiday list. No worries we’ve got you covered. From candles to personalized home portraits to decor accents, there’s something on this list for everyone at every price point.

1) Turn Off The Lights and Light a Candle with Bag and Stella

Time for a home refresh with a West Coast feel? I have just the brand that will have you filling your space with tantalizing scents and on-trend accents. Bags + Stella is a one-stop shop for styling a space; from luxury candles, decor accents, durable totes, diffusers, room sprays, and more! By offering giftable sets they will make last-minute Holiday Shopping a breeze. Send as gifts and keep a few for yourself to set the mood in your home for the New Year.

There are no limits to the mood you can create when you bring Bag + Stell for a housewarming or holiday gift. The atmosphere in candles create can be calming or even romantic. Who doesn’t want that for the holidays? Buying your holiday mover Bags + Stella candles will create lasting memories this holiday season. 

2) Cindy Shaoul’s Stunning and Original Paintings’ 

a piece of art used as a House Gift for the holiday

Her art is perfect for the holidays. It’s evoked by the romance of Paris, London, New York, and beyond. She has quickly become the cool celebrities’ collectible – with fans such as Lily Collins, Catherine Deneuve, and John Malkovich – Shaoul’s creations add globetrotting panache to any home. And will make a perfect Holiday Gift. 

  • Shaoul’s Stepping Out series spotlights her beautifully feminine figures out and about in the world’s top cities
  • Each work in Shaoul’s Impressionist series fuses the style of the Renaissance masters with cool modernity, romance, and grace
  • The artist’s gorgeous Brides series was inspired by haute couture, the classic beauty from the days of Audrey Hepburn, and the elegance of Degas Ballerinas

3) Throw Rugs Holiday House Warming

Throw Rugs as a Holiday House Warming gift ideas

Throw rugs are one of my favorites. They’re easy, take a little time to figure out the color of their home. You can buy either bathroom throw rugs in kitchen throw rugs or something a little more pricey a living room throw rug. Rugs are wonderful housewarming gifts. And can be all found at Home Goods, Amazon, or Rug.com.

4) Plants For The Holidays

plants as a Holiday House Warming gift ideas

Plants make a great housewarming gift and not just for the mover. They are perfect for almost anyone on your holiday list.  Plants make a house feel like home. And no matter how green your friend’s thumb is, there is always room for another plant. They will boost your mood. They add a pop of color and even if your friend does not have a green thumb, anyone can grow an indoor plant if you choose the right one. Popular plant types that are difficult to kill include a peace lily, a spider plant, a philodendron, or a snake plant. 

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