If you struggle with gift-buying for your own children or nephews and nieces, you might be used to seeing disappointed faces, or the recipients trying to look overjoyed at your gift. You could ask what gifts they prefer, but that ruins the element of surprise. Don’t worry. You can still surprise them with gifts they will love.

Finding popular gifts

You can find the latest, most popular gifts at Wicked Uncle. So you can buy cool gifts for kids. These change all the time, so it’s worth checking before you make a purchase. Some recent popular gifts include the Giant Piano Dance Mat and the build you own, Mega Cyborg Hand. A simple search to narrow down the option by age, gender and interests will provide a choice of amazing gifts to buy.

Spend time together

Of course, birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions aren’t just about gifts. You can also make these occasions memorable by spending quality time together. This doesn’t have to be expensive. simple arts and crafts projects can be done from home and will keep the children busy for hours. It doesn’t matter if they lack artistic skills. By joining in and doing badly on purpose, you can make them feel better about their own creations.

Create a box of their favorite things

If you want to give them lots of gifts but are on a budget, then putting together a box of their favorite things could work. This could include sweets, a book, a game, funky socks, something related to a TV show or music act they love, and anything else you know they will like. On their own, these things might not be much of a gift, but together they could feel like a treasure trove to a child. When he or she unwraps the box to find lots of items related to their favorite things, they won’t have to fake happiness.

Buy an experience

Experiences can be just as memorable as physical gifts. As the parent, aunt, or uncle of the child, you should have some idea of what they would like. If they love the thrill of fairground rides, tickets to a theme park could be the perfect gift. Just be prepared to go on the big rides with them if nobody else wants to.

Alternatively, if the child loves animals, a trip to a local farm, or further afield to the nearest zoo would make a thoughtful gift. Some zoos also sell separate experiences in addition to the admission price. This could be feeding penguins or an animal adoption with regular updates on their chosen animal. This makes a trip to the zoo more exciting because they can visit their animal.

Buying the right gift might take a little research, but it’s worth it to see the look on your child’s face. This doesn’t have to be more expensive, and you might find you enjoy the experience of gift-buying, or being part of new and fun experiences, which will create good memories for them.

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