The quick and dirty of detailing is to wash the car using the correct method, with the right products, using the “right” technique. Nobody can tell you what is right, nor what is wrong. What is right for one may be wrong for another. The only thing that might be wrong is if you do not use a product on your car that works. When you are out on the road, an old car can be a big eyesore. But with a little know-how, you can make it look great again. And if you are among the many of us who drive more than one car, you can make your second car look as good as your first. It is a great way to start the week, and it does not take long at all. For those who are keen to clean their car themselves instead of using a professional car detailing and ceramic coating specialist, tune in here for a tutorial.

Exterior car cleaning is no more than a chore for most. However, keeping your interior clean, especially if you are a car owner, is a must. For decades, people have been washing their cars with the regular old hose on the driveway. This is a mistake. Wind-driven rain and harsh rainstorms can pass over the car with little to no time passing and leave all kinds of nasty residue on the exterior of your vehicle. You would think that removing the water would be the biggest task, but it is really not. Here are six things you should keep your interior clean:

Cleaning the interior of your car like its had a professional car detailing

1) Vacuum the interior carpet, seats, mats, console, and all the crevices of the car to ensure that you get every bit of dust, dirt, or contamination

2) Steam clean – if you have a steam cleaner, sanitize these areas to kill germs and melt unwanted stains

3) Use an upholstery shampoo to sanitize the fabric areas such as the carpet and mats of your car

4) Use diluted APC to clean your hard surfaces, including your windows, mirrors, dashboard, and console of the car interior

5) Use a dressing for the plastic areas to rejuvenate the finish and protect it from sun damage and overall wear and tear over time. It also leaves a nice finish and looks to these areas.

6) Apply a leather conditioner to leather areas to replenish the comfort back to a better condition and state. This, too, leaves the leather looking nice and new again, a must-do.

Cleaning the car exterior 

The exterior of a car is constantly exposed to the elements, and while it may not be as glamorous as the interior, there are still steps you can take to keep it looking new.

1) Wash the car in the shade

2) Use pH neutral car wash shampoo to clean the outside

3) Use a pressure washer to remove the first layer of dirt stuck on the outside

4) Use a microfiber wash mitt and gently hand wash the exterior 

5) Rinse the excess with your pressure washer 

6) Apply wax or sealant by hand to maintain that shine

There you have it. How to detail your car like a professional in the comfort of your own home. 

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