Looking for small space design ideas? If your answer is yes, this piece of information is just meant for you. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small or big space, you should never make sacrifices when it comes to the floor plan. The best thing is that you can surprise yourself with a little creative thinking. From moveable storage to roof light loft conversion and from sliding bookcases to clever kitchen storage, here are some tips to make your layout plan work better for you. These small space design ideas will also help you transform an otherwise tight space into a terrific living corner.

Do double duty

It is important to choose pieces that can be used for serving multiple purposes. For this, you can buy a deep sofa doubling as a guest bed, find a table capable of functioning as a dining table and desk or get cubes serving as coffee tables and bonus seats when visitors to your home have returned back to their homes.

Mix-Up Modular Seating

Choose a modular sofa that is made up of individual pieces that you can quickly move to accommodate your preferences and the requirements of your room? This type of sofa will help you eliminate any wasted space. And the mix-up modular seating will serve as room dividers to separate the kitchen and living areas in an open-plan home.

Add a Mirror to Your Small Space Design

It may surprise you but adding mirrored tiles to your small space design can significantly increase the feeling of space. The reflective tiles will push back the walls and allow more light to bounce around the room. And the best part is that you can use them not just for the bathroom or kitchen, but also in dark alcoves, narrow hallways, or your bedroom wall.

Smart Stairs

If you want to add space to your home, you should embrace the idea of using mezzanine floors and loft conversions. They add great space and value to your home. However, figuring out where to have the staircase is usually limiting. You can choose a compact staircase with alternating treads that will be a safe and customized choice for you.

Convertible Dining Table

If you don’t have enough space to keep a big table up all the time, you can invest in a fold-down design if you do have some free wall space. The nifty model folds can be used to flat against the wall when you don’t need it. This will help you squeeze in an eating area. All you need is to keep stackable stools and fold-up chairs nearby.

Moveable Storage

How about using freestanding units that can be easily moved instead of choosing permanent fittings? Trolleys on casters are ideal as they can be wheeled easily around the room. Then tucked away when you don’t need them. You can even choose and stackable crates that you can effortlessly shuffle or even reconfigure as per your preferences. Alternatively, you can try out concealed storage options such as Ottomans to conceal invaluable storage. You can even use Ottomans to hide away children’s toys, cushions, bedding, and more.

Sliding bookcase works Well in the Small Space Deign

You can try taking out the advantage of potential floor-to-ceiling storage space over the home stairs. For this, you can mount a bookcase on a track system. The shelving will go out of the way to free up extra room in the living area when positioned over the staircase. The best thing is that you can simply slide it back into the room when the shelves need to be accessed by you.

There is no denying the fact that each piece of furniture and accessory should earn its keep in a compact living space.

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