If you are a parent, you know how difficult it is to keep your kids interested in learning in this digital era. Children are exposed to modern technology from their birth, and it’s pretty standard they prefer playing games on their phones or watching cartoons on YouTube to studying.

Many parents are wondering: “Is there a way to combine learning and technology and make it more fun for the kids?” Luckily, there is. The most important thing is to find content suitable for children, which will be beneficial for them. You don’t want to expose them to something inappropriate, so how do you make a balance?

Today we will explore some of the best modern ways that will help your kids learn. We will look at them from an educational perspective, but we will also determine what keeps the children interested. Let’s begin!

Educational Apps

Did you know that there are numerous educational apps for kids on the market these days? This trend is becoming more and more popular every day. Kids love spending time on their computers or their phones.

So why don’t you use this fact and sneak in some learning in what they consider pure fun? If you are new to this topic and have no idea where to start, don’t worry. You can find all the info you need online, and this website provides details about each app. You can find ones that help children learn about essential concepts and routines, nature, science, and many other topics. There are even apps that help kids learn how to write and read.

These educational apps can be accessed from any mobile device or computer. They are usually completely free, but the ones that aren’t are not expensive at all. If you are still indecisive and need a bit more persuading, listen to this. Studies have shown that the education system underwent a massive transformation in the last decade and educational apps present a bridge between kids and teachers. Children are getting smarter, and they need new, advanced learning methods.Help Your Kids Learn like this girl with her educational app

Bible Curriculums Help Your Kids Learn

This can be a great way to teach children about Christianity, and the concepts of God, Jesus, and the Bible. The free Bible school curriculums can also teach children other important concepts, such as forgiveness, helping others, being kind, the importance of obedience, and self-control. In addition, they can also learn about the stories and characters in the Bible. These are all important values that can help children grow up to be good citizens. There are many other benefits to taking a free Bible school curriculum. For instance, it can help children learn to read and understand the Bible better. Additionally, it can introduce them to other people who share their beliefs, and provide a community to them to belong. Lastly, it can instill in them a love for learning about their faith, and a desire to share it with others. Free Bible school curriculums are an excellent way to introduce children to Christianity and help them grow in their faith.

Educational Cartoons

Let’s face it – whether you like it or not, cartoons are and always will be an inevitable part of every kid’s life. A few generations of children have already grown up watching them, and scientists believe that cartoons often stimulate the imagination. Just remember how you fantasized about being a princess or a knight after watching classic cartoons such as Cinderella, Aladdin, or Beauty and the Beast. Animated movies can have a substantial positive impact on your child’s behavior and development.

There are many cartoons nowadays that are purely educational. Small kids and toddlers can learn numbers, shapes, and colors by watching them. Kids are interactively introduced to basic things (talking and moving pictures, colorful visuals, etc.), and they don’t consider it a chore but rather a fun, exciting activity. This is the way cartoons can help small kids get an early start on learning. Studies have shown that they also help with the development of cognitive skills, such as reasoning, logic, auditory processing, visual processing, etc. Not to mention it helps your child build selective attention and sustained attention.

Help Your Kids Learn

Linguistic abilities are best developed at a young age, and cartoons are unique for exposing kids to different languages. If they are toddlers, make sure you allow them to watch cartoons in their native language. This will help them learn their language better and develop their vocabulary. Some doctors even recommend this strategy when kids have difficulty starting to talk. Listening to a language while having fun makes them relaxed, and they start learning it naturally. After some time, they will improve their manner of talking and their pronunciation.

When your kid loves a particular cartoon, try encouraging their imagination more. For example, let them draw their favorite characters or listen to their made-up stories inspired by the comic. Help them increase their creativity. You can even try acting it out together or making a DIY costume of your kid’s hero. Cartoons are supposed to relieve stress, promote laughter, and still help your kid learn many new skills, concepts, and information.

Here is a list of the best educational cartoons suited for children and making their screen time worthwhile.

  • Messy goes to Okido
  • World World
  • Team umizoomi
  • Number blocks
  • Sid, the science kid

Children shouldn’t spend a lot of time in front of a screen, we all know that. But you can’t avoid it sometimes. In these cases, giving them an educational app or cartoon is undoubtedly the best possible option. You must always be conscious of what your kids are exposed to, and, luckily, many beautiful choices will help your child learn and develop their creative side.

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