Moving is usually one of the toughest projects you are going to face in the transition phase of our life. Whatever moving service we hired, moving locally, moving long-distance, province to province move, etc., it always comes along with some unexpected turn of events. 

Moving companies like Atlantic Coast Movers, Top Movers, and Top Canada movers who are offering one bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or even office moving work follows some professional guidelines for you to have a successful relocation. Whether it is a house moving or apartment relocation they will always promote careful planning and assistance for you to have an accomplished house moving.

Let’s say you are moving into an apartment and your room is on the upper floor and unfortunately, there is no elevator for you and your movers to use for delivering the stuff in your new place. Oh my! It is a lot of work! Do not worry. We are here to give you tips and tricks on how are you going to have a triumphant moving project even without an elevator.

  1. Check the size of furniture and huge items-

    • we have different kinds of furniture in the house like a couch, living room set, dining table and chairs, or even grand piano. We have our favorites! Whatever the stuff you have in the house it is crucial to check the weight and the size of every item before the transit. Having the idea will save you from cramming during the delivery. It is also making sure that all furniture and bulky stuff will fit the size of the door into your new house. Being prepared is better than destroying the stuffs once you find out that it does not fit into doors and entrances inside your new apartment.
  2. Dismantling of furniture-

    • most of the top moving companies like Atlantic Coast Movers, Top movers, and Top Canada movers dismantle the furniture and bulky items while packing the stuff. It saves time and energy and most importantly it provides safety of your belongings! Dismantling avoids future damages to your items prior to and during the transit. Do not worry! Movers will also reassemble the furniture once it arrives at the new place. Less damage, less stress! Happy move in!
  3. Furniture protection-

    • one of the major problems in furniture is being damaged for both the moving company you hired and you as the client. Moving companies use a protective cloth that is wrapped around every piece of furniture you have. Protective pads, bubble wrap, and blankets are some of the materials they use to ensure protection and prevent damages. 
  4. Reduce the stuff to move-

    • remember that you are moving in an apartment where you will use the stairs for the absence of the elevator so it is better to eliminate the things that you think are not necessary for the new house. It will save you from spending a lot of money to pay in moving companies and also lessen the work of your movers as well as to you.
  5. Moving strings and straps-

    • shoulder dollies also known as moving straps are the best friend of your movers. They use these things to carry bulky furniture in lifting and carrying going up the stairs. These are open straps that are put on the shoulder of the movers that are distributing the weight equally and let the mover’s arms move freely and use their hands to lift or even open doors.
  6. Use the right clothes-

    • of course, you are moving into your new house that you will use the stairs to go up and down so it is best to use the appropriate clothes for you to feel comfortable and do the work easily. Do not wear unnecessary accessories for you are lifting boxes and bags not just your fancy bags.
  7. Taking a break-
    • moving and delivering your belongings by using the stairs is tough work. So taking a pause to rest and regain the energy you need is not a bad idea. Let your movers rest, offer them some drinks so they are hydrated and can bring back the strength and power they need for lifting and carrying the items in your house.
  8. Hiring professional movers

    • the best option you will have is to hire a moving company that has a lot of experience in moving. These professionals will help you to make the work easy and gives you the proper planning and guidelines that you need from the start-up to the end of your moving journey. It will save you not only money but the precious time and energy that you need for the next step of moving which is unpacking and decorating the house.

 Moving to a new place is one of the memorable memories we can look back in the future. Those experiences will teach us and give us the knowledge that we will have to use in the next few days. Just make sure that once you hired a moving company do not forget to advise them of the important moving details. This will have helped them to give the proper quote of your moving project. Have a happy moving adventure!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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