Our houses are an extension of our personality, and we strive to make them look better daily. It gives us a sense of accomplishment. Plus, we get a sparkly, well-managed home.

However, more often than not, these spaces feel tinier and more constricted than they have to be. Sometimes, it’s because of poor lighting, lack of windows, the wrong wall, or boxy furniture pieces. While other times, it is because of the small square footage.

But do we want to spend our lives crammed in our own house with a lot of stuff? No! Can we make limitless structural changes to our already-built Birmingham home? No, again! 

Can we move to a new house right away? Looking at the spike in the housing market in Birmingham, that’s a no, too!

So, what do we do?

Don’t worry; we have some tips that’ll help make your home appear larger, brighter, and airier than it is. 

Let’s check them out below.

  • Use Birmingham Storage Units

The less you have in the house, the more freely you can move around. So, look at your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and garage and see what you can move out of the house. We are talking about the big things here. And those that hold sentimental value.

So, do you have any grandma’s armchair from the 70s or a limited-edition piano? You can safely tuck them away in one of Birmingham’s storage facilities. 

Moreover, the RV-living trend is booming in Birmingham (blame the 9% bump in housing prices). What began as mini homes, people started adding wheels to keep their stuff with them wherever they went. 

At the same time, the RV market is gaining traction as more companies focus on building RVs for those who can’t afford a nice home. You can now find an RV storage facility without much hassle. 

A nice home in Birmingham can cost around $1000,000 or more (according to Property Shark), and if you’ve hoped on the RV trend and need a safe spot for storing your vehicle, look up rv storage Birmingham AL on any popular search engine to learn more. 

  • Lighten Up Your Space

It is no secret that lighter colors reflect light, making the space look bigger and brighter. Most of us, however, think it’s about coloring the walls in beige or white. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to just walls. You can repaint your ceiling in a lighter shade, install lighter-colored flooring, or bring furniture in soft tones.

The colors trending for small spaces in 2023 are vanilla, lavender, and baby blue. You can also try out pastel shades for your furniture pieces. 

  • Natural Light

We all know light has the potential to make a house look big. Natural light, we mean. So, think of all the ways you can maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home. Replace your heavy black-out curtains with sheer chiffon curtains in light colors. 

Uninstall your solid wood front door and get a glass panel or a French door instead. Get south-facing windows if you can; they are the most exposed to the sun.

Natural light also helps create a cheerful environment, so never think twice. However, you can fall back on sconces if you have safety or privacy concerns.

  • Declutter

Clutter can make any space look smaller and more restricted, no matter how much we love those collector items. It is vital to get rid of the unnecessary things in your house that do not require being there to make it feel airy and lighter. 

Arrange and organize the furniture pieces so they don’t take up most of the room, but still you can access them easily. Decluttering helps to make your space look bigger and more inviting.

  • Using Multi-Functional Furniture

Why use an ottoman that’s only good for sitting when you get one that can discreetly store some knick-knacks, too? Multi-purpose furniture is king! It looks trendy, does more than just one job, and lasts long.

Think about a storage ottoman table for your living room, a sofa cum bed for your guest room, or an entertainment unit that doubles as a chest of drawers.

If you’re worried these items will cost you a ton of dollar bills, don’t be. Look for them in thrift stores or at yard sales.

  • Add Mirrors

When it comes to making a space look bigger, mirrors are your best friend. They not only make a house look spacious, but they also make it look prettier as well. 

The mirrors should be placed strategically to give a perception of a spacious space, such as in front of the windows or in areas that reflect light. They are also cost-effective and are a quick fix. 

You can experiment with wall-to-wall mirrors, but if it feels too much, accentuating the space with big-leaning mirrors can be a great way to lighten up a room.

  • Vertical Spacing

An illusion of height and space can be created by installing tall cabinets or bookshelves in the vertical areas available, hence drawing attention upwards and creating a perception of openness. 

The vertical space can also be turned into a vertical garden, which will make the room look beautiful and add definition and a touch of nature and look quite unique.

Moreover, you can hang art pieces to make the walls look more prominent, giving your home a sense of style and personality. There is no need for the pieces to be large, as small wall art can still add essence in making the space look brighter and more extensive.


If you’re a hoarder, clearing some space in your home can feel tedious. But it’s critical. A well-organized home will work as a mood booster and improve your performance. 

The good thing is that you don’t have to empty your bank account trying to make your space feel larger. It’s only about making the right choices. So, let that natural light in and give away what you no longer need. 

The bigger items can be stored in storage units temporarily, and multi-functional furniture can take their place.

In the end, it’s your home’s vibe that matters the most.

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