Glowgetter, Sherry Mattia is Glowing up to the next level with her expertise and passion in anti-aging skin care and women’s wellness. Skin care treatments and active skin care products have improved immensely since she started as an aesthetician over 35 years ago. Sherry says, “Invest in your skin care and start showing it off. You can reverse the signs of aging and even slow down the aging process. The key is being consistent with an anti-aging skin care regime which means professional skin care treatments and active skin care products.” Sherry Currently specializes in anti-aging Skin & Body care and owns her own skin studio.

Sherry’s Passion for anti-aging skin care

She returned to aesthetics a few years ago after taking time off to raise her three young children.  Recently, Sherry turned 50 and with her children all grown, her passion brought her back to skin care and specializing in anti-aging treatments for women over 40. As Sherry got older, she noticed a few changes due to aging,  not only with her skin but how she felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. She soon realized that she was entering menopause and was feeling all of the symptoms that go along with it.
“These symptoms, as a result, are life altering.” At that point, Sherry wanted to learn more about balancing and optimizing her hormones so she found a doctor and started the process. It was an absolute game changer for her and now she wants to help, be an inspiration to other women and share her knowledge and experience. “There are so many women out there that are suffering and they don’t need to be, there is help out there. I’ve gone through it so I know firsthand what these women are going through.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets changed my life and I am so grateful.” SoSkin care much so, that a few years ago, along with her dear friend Ingrid Newman,  started a platform called Modern Ageless Beauty.  A platform that helps and inspires women over 40 to be the best that they can be from the inside out. Both Sherry and Ingrid have their own life stories which so many women experience and can relate to.
They have hosted several successful women’s wellness retreats and have appeared on radio shows and Podcasts in hopes that their message, experiences and knowledge will change lives. “If we can help change lives we have done what we set out to do and our hearts are full.”

Creative Side

Sherry has always had a passion for helping others and has been a successful entrepreneur from a young age. Her creative talent and unique jewelry finds found her designing one-of-a-kind pieces that graced many magazine covers and has had many articles written about her Italian heritage and the meaning behind her jewelry inspirations. “I am Italian and my jewelry are definite statement pieces but very romantic at the same time, my pieces make women feel strong and sexy. It’s all about making women feel amazing about themselves from the inside out. Check out her beautiful jewelry designs at Glamarella.
Sherry Mattia wherever she’s at, is definitely the dynamic entrepreneur who is shattering ceilings and crushing it at business and life. One who rises by lifting others to feel good about themselves knows what she wants and works hard daily to achieve it. She’s excited about her healthy lifestyle anti-aging journey and can’t wait to see what comes next. And don’t forget to check out her Glow Skin Studio. Find out more about the cutting edge and latest in anti-aging skin care.
Sherry Mattia
For Personal one on one appointments,  call Sherry  ~ 619-987-4450 Temecula Valley Area and follow her at:

Instagram@sherrymattia (coming soon)
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