Let’s start with the truth.  As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, aging is inevitable.  Of course, as we get older we feel it, but we also see it.  By age 25, aging starts at the cellular level with the termination of natural collagen production in the skin of our face and neck.  By age 30, fine lines and sun damage spots begin to appear. By age 40, we start to see a loss of skin volume and elasticity.  Frankly, aging can be brutal, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t influence its progression.

In the US, we spend enormous amounts attempting to counteract, reverse – even hide – aging.  Whether skincare creams and lotions, or invasive cosmetic procedures, more than $50 billion will be spent in the US on these traditional “treatments” in 2021.  What they have in common is an approach that targets the visual condition.  Not surprisingly, new treatment options – offering a more holistic health solution – are now experiencing rapid growth and acceptance.   One such alternative is Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation (“AFR”). 

AFR is often referred to as a natural facelift, even though it is a process designed to help the whole body to feel and look better  It is rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) where there is no separation between health and beauty/appearance.  As a cosmetic procedure, the goal of AFR is to enhance facial muscle tone, skin elasticity, and skin moisture by treating disharmonies in the body.  A more youthful appearance is achieved when the body functions at a more optimal (healthy) level.  So, how exactly is this done?

AFR Procedure

In a virtually painless procedure, very fine gauge acupuncture needles are inserted in the skin at acupuncture points of the face and neck, while targeting the wrinkles, facial swelling, eyebags, dripping eyelids/eyebrows or double chin, to increase blood and qi (life force energy) circulation to the face and neck.  Delivering blood that is rich in vital nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to the tissues revitalizes the skin. With the micro-trauma induced by the needle, collagen production is also stimulated. In turn, the body’s natural healing process is stimulated by the production of collagen at the site of the needle insertion.  The injury-repair of the skin renewal system results in visibly improved skin texture and coloring. 

Additionally, lymphatic drainage is activated with the insertion of acupuncture needles.  This helps to detoxify the facial skin and helps to drain extra fluid from under the eyes.  Also, the insertion of acupuncture needles directly into the facial muscles will relax the muscles and counteract wrinkles that result from stress and anxiety.   AFR can also benefit declining hormone levels, which contribute to the aging process. 

AFR works best for mid-age patients.  The initial course of treatment is a series of 12 one-hour sessions.  Results may differ between individuals, depending on age, lifestyle, physical and emotional health, and beauty regime, but once the desired outcome is achieved, maintenance sessions are recommended monthly.  Visible benefits of AFR can be observed after the first treatment, with an ongoing cumulative effect.  

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Benefits

To recap, Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is a natural, non-invasive method to combat facial aging.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, AFR corrects body disharmonies to achieve a more youthful appearance by increasing collagen production and skin elasticity, using the body’s natural skin renewal system, and improving hormonal balance.  AFR can also be used as a complementary procedure to aid with the healing process after cosmetic surgery, or for ongoing aesthetic maintenance.  If you’re still curious, please visit an acupuncturist who specializes in AFR. 

Lidia Domagalska LAc

Dr. Lidia Domagalska is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist focused on providing preventative, non-invasive, affordable health care.  She is particularly interested in developing holistic solutions that integrate effective Western and Eastern care to optimize a patient’s health.  Lidia is a graduate of Pacific College of Health and Science, where she earned a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”).  She received a BS  degree in Biology from  Loyola University.  Originally from Poland, Dr. Domagalska had an early introduction to herbal medicine and natural care alternatives.  As an active practitioner, she currently teaches classes on the use of cupping therapy and natural facial rejuvenation.  To learn more about Lidia or to book a treatment session, please visit QiAcupunctureSD.com.  [Photo credit to 656 Photography]

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  • Richard

    Lidia wrote a brilliant article. She gives a well thought out explanation of an alternate method of facial rejuvenation via acupuncture.

  • Gigi

    Wonderful article. It is true. I am a Chinese. In China, many people use AFR to keep looking younger. That is natural and painless treatment.

  • Jerrah Smith

    AFR is an incredible treatment and I have been fortunate enough to see Dr. Domagaliska here in San Diego. She is phenomenal at what she does!
    I highly recommend acupuncture as a form of treatment for preventative aging.

  • Brad

    Very interesting and informative article. I definitely will be working with Dr Lidia. She is extremely knowledgeable and excited to work with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in either learning more about acupuncture or this service.

  • Joseph Glosz

    Very well written article! And finally, FINALLY, someone explains the underlying biological/medical process that is the basis for acupuncture’s effectiveness in this area! I’m heavily rooted in science, and look for a scientific basis in everything. Thank you Dr. Lydia!

  • Chau

    My wrist hurt so bad. Dr. Lidia Domagaliska gave an hour treatment. It help so much. If anyone has carpal tunnel she will be the best doctor. Highly recommented.

  • Amy

    Dr. Lidia is amazing. I’ve been treated by her for acupuncture and out of all the years I’ve been receiving acupuncture, her treatments are by far superior. Her bedside manner, her technique, her insight along with the patience she shows is all such a gift. I highly recommend her and the results she can deliver for you through her treatments.

  • Nancy

    Dr. Lidia is the best. Her AFR treatments make such a huge difference for my aging face. She has also helped me through a shoulder injury that I thought would never heal as well as several other issues. She is knowledgeable, skillful and such a wonderful person to be around.

  • Wow super informative article! I didn’t know all those details about age and the skin. I loved the facial rejuvenation treatment from Dr. Lidia, so relaxing and reviving! I highly recommend seeing her for treatments!

  • Lana Adams

    Dr. Lidia has helped me with nerve damage after a brow lift. I can’t thank her enough for the relief I have gotten from her Accupunture treatments.
    She is also a very special person, so kind and compassionate

  • Leen Ghandour

    If we want to turn back hands of time, natural medicine is the healthy choice. I appreciate your services for the care you have provided to my well being. It’s a bonus that you’re a delightful caring human!

  • Jo Douat

    Great article Dr Lidia! Yes beauty is not only external. It is an expression of the internal functioning of the body. That is what acupuncture does, it works the internal parts of the body, thus it enhances the exterior. You explained theses points perfectly (no pun intended). Great job!

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