After getting a divorce and losing her long-term career, Jen Shelby Miller went searching for a profession she was passionate about that would put food on the table for her three children. She came across Savvi. A new premium athleisure wear brand that relies on entrepreneurs to bring the clothing line to market. Savvi Fit is similar to Lululemon, Alo, and Fabletics, and an Everyday line includes dresses, sweaters, jackets, and more. A men’s line is coming soon, a jewelry line one day, and new product releases are introduced in a live Fashion Show every week. Jen discovered quickly, Savvi, is the perfect career for her, and she is passionate about sharing the opportunity with others.

Jen is an Air Force Veteran who also worked for her family business, so she always felt very secure in life. When she got divorced, her life took a crazy downward spiral, and she found herself really on her own. So she created a resume for the first time, went on job interviews, and learned quickly what it is like to get into the workforce and prove yourself to people who do not know you. She was ultimately searching for something she could do that lights her up and affords her the lifestyle she was used to with her children. She kept moving forward, hoping eventually if she kept saying yes and trying different things and having new experiences, she would find what she was looking for. She landed a Marketing Manager position until Covid disrupted the world, and she lost her job. She had a severe panic attack, was scared for her future, and started in Savvi the next morning, determined to succeed.

Why Savvi was the Right Choice

Jen had no idea Savvi was going to be right for her when she originally said yes. She happened to find out about it from a girl she sat next to at her son’s wrestling practice. She was impressed with everything she learned about the company and tried on a pair of leggings called the Solas, that she credits with changing her life. She used to wear Lululemon but never had a pair of leggings she loved quite like these. Jen saw the vision, felt like she won the lottery getting in so early, and she hustled out of desperation as a single mom needing to make money. Jen now has a team of thousands and feels more secure in life than ever, and the company hasn’t even launched yet.

How does Savvi work? 

A woman Jen Shelby Miller wearing Savvi ClothingSavvi is a new premium athleisurewear brand first opening in the United States, and then it will open country by country around the globe. It is a very simple business model. As a Brand Affiliate or Brand Partner like Jen, you just share about Savvi. It takes two minutes to create your own link. Go to, scroll down, and click Partner With Us. Partners of the brand earn a commission of up to 32% every time someone shops through their link. No one stocks an inventory or places orders or does anything in customer service, it is all online, and the product is drop-shipped to the customer. There are incredible incentives and residual income when you build a team. Every time someone joins you in Savvi, you will earn a $50, $100, or $200 bonus, and their business is attached to yours for the rest of time, earning you commissions as their business grows. As you grow your business, you move up in ranks with associated bonuses that start at a hundred dollars and go up to half a million dollars!

What is it like being in Savvi?

Savvi is all about women’s empowerment. Everyone in the company is rooting for each other. It is one team with one dream. You can do as much or as little as you want with it. You don’t have a boss. No one is going to tell you what to do. There are no hours. It is at your own pace. You are truly living on your terms. Savvi feels to Jen like a safe place. She describes it as an uplifting, beautiful community where you can come as yourself and be who you are. Everyone just wants the best for you. You will have instant community. Savvi is a place where everyone has a story, and it just feels like home.

What is it like to be your own boss? 

Jen now lives with gratitude every second of every day, because she appreciates being her own boss and living life on her own terms. If she didn’t find this, it scares her where she would be in the world. She literally built herself back up from losing everything. She also exclaims she wouldn’t change one thing about Savvi. In addition to her love for helping others move up in the company, what keeps Jen so motivated is not wanting to go search for a job again and work for somebody and be on their schedule and their agenda. She absolutely loves the freedom in Savvi.

What does a regular workday look like in Savvi?

Jen wakes up and puts on her Savvi clothing, which she loves more than Lululemon, goes for a workout, takes her kids to school, and then throughout the day, if anyone compliments her outfit or asks what she does for work, it opens up a conversation to talk about Savvi. Her entire day now is just sharing about Savvi, answering questions, and helping someone decide if it is for them. She can do her job from anywhere, which is the greatest blessing for her family. When someone says yes to Savvi, she feels genuinely excited because now they are instantly connected to a community that is going to care about them. Jen believes we all need community more than we realize. She credits the connection to others and sense of belonging that you get with Savvi to saving her from a really dark place, and she just wants to pay her good fortune forward.

If someone wants to join Savvi, how should they do so?

A woman Jen Shelby Miller selling Savvi ClothingTo get started in Savvi, visit scroll to the bottom of the page and see Jen Shelby Miller listed as your Brand Partner, then click ‘Partner With Us’ under Navigation. Fill out your information, including your size for a free tank top in your welcome gift, among other free items like a water bottle and hat, and choose your own codeword in the box that asks for Your Referral Code. It only takes two minutes to join Savvi. You do not have to choose a value pack or the style club, they are optional, but it is helpful having the clothing to wear and share. You can instantly start making money. It is literally as simple as sharing your link. One day Savvi will be as recognizable of a brand as Lululemon and Alo and will also compete with Fabletics in a big way. It is an exciting time to get involved, and it just might change your life. You never know.

If you’re interested in partnering with Savvi, visit, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Partner with Us.  You can follow me on Instagram: @jenshelbymiller 

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  • Stephanie Z

    Jen Miller’s story is very moving! She’s such a great person and I’m beyond happy for her and her family . She found what she’s been called in this world! Great Job Jen! Keep up the great work and continue to motivate everyone around you!

  • Tammy Gennari

    You are an amazing example and leader! Thank you for your passion and willingness to help all Brand Partners build their business.

  • Melissa Lucciola

    Jen is an amazing partner in Savvi! Love the light she shared with her whole team. She is one of the most genuine and beautiful women I have met and I am so happy to have her in my life. 💕

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