Creating a relaxing spa bathroom is a fantasy that most of us share, but knowing where to start can be challenging. Not to mention choosing the perfect bath. There are many factors to consider when creating a home spa.

So, if you are looking for the best bathroom spa ideas, read on where we will discuss the best bathtubs, showers, and accessories to replicate the feeling of a relaxing spa in the privacy of your own home.

A bathroom designed to look like a spa

Choosing the Perfect Spa Bath

The first and most important feature of a stunning spa-inspired bathroom is the perfect bath. For the most authentic and relaxing experience, a whirlpool bath is definitely the way to go.

These jetted baths feature powerful jets around the sides giving a jacuzzi-like experience, in the comfort of your own home. With a control panel to adjust the jets intensity, so they can give a powerful massage effect or just make fun bubbles for children to enjoy.

It’s  standard for a whirlpool bathtub to come with back jets, feet jets, as well as some down the sides of the tub, making it relaxing and stress-relieving for the whole body.

There are plenty reasons to choose a jacuzzi bath when transforming your space into a spa-like retreat. As well as being one of the easiest ways to de-stress and relax. A larger baths can also be used by more than one person as a fun way of adding a little romance into the mix.  You can also play around with different water temperatures to create a hydrotherapy experience from the comfort of your own home.

Another interesting idea to turn your bathroom into a spa is the installing some underwater bath lights. These can really add a luxurious feel to the bath, and can be used as a type of complementary medicine, also known as chromotherapy. It’s said that certain colors of lights can help to reduce your stress and boost your mood, many new spa tubs have lighting systems with  different color lights to choose from, or you can plave the setting to cycle through all the colors. Depending on your mood.

There are lots of different baths that might suit a home spa, not just whirlpool baths. Consider the size and shape of the tub you disire before making a decision, to ensure that you not only love it but it will fit well in the space available. Corner baths and L-shaped baths are possibilities, and if space is somewhat limited, shorter, small baths are becoming more and more readily available. Smaller baths can still be used in a home spa, and when used in conjunction with some of the other accessories we will discuss later, can give a very relaxing and pleasurable experience. So, don’t be put off by a lack of space. It’s best to check out the different bathroom suites for sale and measure up thoroughly to ensure you pick the best bath size and style for your space.

Choose a reputable supplier when planning a bathroom overhaul, as they will be able to provide top-quality products and ensure everything will work well together in your new bathroom. You can browse Pacifis Sales to find the perfect bath, as well as a coordinating sink and toilet to give your bathroom a whole new look. Here, you will find some excellent bathroom suites to suit all spaces and budgets, no matter which style of bath you are planning on choosing.

Black and white bathroom designed like a spa

Spa Showers

If you don’t have space for a bath, or simply prefer a shower, there are plenty of great options available which will still give your space that luxurious, spa feel. A hydro-massage shower is definitely worth investing in if you want the best showering experience possible. They are equipped with powerful massage jets, which can be adjusted to hit any aches and pains better. 

Another fun feature in the massage showers are built-in radio that often come with, so you can listen to your favorite stations whilst showering. They also tend to feature color-changing lights inside the shower cubicle, which are not only stunning but are a great way to create a soothing, calming atmosphere in your shower. So, the combination of lights, radio and massage jets make for an immersive full-body experience – you won’t feel like you’re missing out if you choose not to opt for a bathtub in your new bathroom.

If a hydro-massage shower isn’t to your liking, or within your budget, rainfall, or waterfall, showers are another increasingly popular option for home spas. They are modern and stylish, so will give your bathroom a great look and feel, and are also enjoyable to use. It’s also possible to choose combination showers that have both a waterfall head and a hand-held head. These types of shower offer more flexibility and suit just about any bathroom, and budget.

As well as the shower itself, the enclosure can also influence the overall look and feel of the bathroom, and help add to the spa-like atmosphere. The size of the bathroom will probably partially influence the type of shower enclosure you’ll choose, but there are different options available to fit all bathrooms. The wet-room style is popular, and choosing large glass panels can help make the space look bigger and brighter as well as giving a more relaxing feel with their minimalistic design. The walk-in style shower works well in most bathrooms, and there are loads of different options and configurations to choose from, so there is sure to be a style to suit your needs.

Spa Bathroom Accessories

Once you’ve picked out the bathroom suite, it’s time to choose the smaller accessories to complement your new theme. There are loads of great products out there that will really help complete your bathroom’s transformation into a home spa, so let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Heated Towel Rail

There’s nothing better than coming out of a bath or shower to a lovely, warm towel, which is why a heated towel rail makes a great addition to a new home spa. As well as the more traditional wall-mounted rail, there’s also the possibility to choose a towel warming drawer if you prefer to keep things hidden away and clutter-free in the bathroom.

Minimalist Storage

Continuing on this theme, think about how you store toiletries in the bathroom, as making some minor changes can really improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Think about using baskets, jars and other containers to keep things neat and tidy, rather than having products lying around on the surfaces and around the sink.

candles lit around the outside of the bath tub to give it a spa feel


All the senses can be engaged in a luxury bathroom. Think about using scented candles or incense with your favorite aromas, as well as choosing lotions and soaps with soothing fragrances.

Spa Bathroom Decor

Decorating your bathroom to fit the spa theme is also important in helping add to the relaxing atmosphere you are trying to create. The main way to do this is by sticking to plain, neutral colors without heavy and clashing patterns.

bathroom accessories sented oil, ajar of cotton balls, and towles


Plants can be another interesting addition to a bathroom spa. Make sure to choose ones which thrive in the damp environment – bamboo is a great choice. Plants like this will give an exotic feel to your new bathroom, and you can also choose hanging baskets if space is short. So, adding houseplants is possible in any bathroom.

Bath Pillow

To make taking a bath even more relaxing, why not consider investing in a bath pillow? There are different options available – smaller ones for resting the head on, or longer ones which cover the length of the bath to keep the whole body comfortable when bathing.

Over-Bath Tray

Another way to make taking a bath even more relaxing is to invest in an over-bath tray. This can be used to keep drinks or light snacks handy, as well as a cellphone or book to use whilst enjoying a soak. Cup-holders are another option – wall-mounted ones are available which are ideal for saving space compared to an over-bath tray.

Dim Lighting

Lighting is a key consideration in creating a spa-like atmosphere in a home bathroom. Choose lights that are dimmable for the best results.


There are loads of great options available when it comes to playing music in the bathroom. For an easy-to-use and budget-friendly option, waterproof Bluetooth speakers are a great choice. You can hook them up to a cellphone or tablet and choose a playlist of soothing sounds or chillout music to help you unwind even more.

By Holly Campling

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