commercial landscaper can transform and enhance your open office space through planting, building, landscaping, pest control, and landscaping. The services of a commercial landscape design company will be indispensable if you want your yard or your company’s yard to look well-groomed and not take up a lot of your time. Professionals will be able to solve your main problems or only a part of them if you want to do your own gardening. They can do them regularly or on an ad hoc basis.

Well-groomed and healthy landscaping enhances the look of your office yard, which benefits both employees and your customers. Your yard is the first thing visitors see, and this can also affect how they feel about your company. Professionals know which plants will take root on your site, which ones can be planted nearby, how to get rid of weeds, and much more.

Main activities of commercial landscape services:

  1. Cleaning and pruning shrubs and trees.
  2. Mulching. This helps lower the temperature of the soil and keep it moist. This procedure is very useful for plants and suppresses the growth of weeds.
  3. Lawn care services. These include mowing, weed control, and fertilizing. Professionals have all the tools they need to get the job done, doing it better, faster, and more accurately.
  4. The use of preventive treatments will help keep the vegetation on the site healthy.
  5. Getting rid of pests such as larvae, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.
  6. Aeration. Professionals use a special device with metal pipes about half an inch wide, which removes plugs from turf and soil. The resulting holes allow water, air, fertilizers, or other organic substances that form humus to the root system. All this contributes to the growth of roots and facilitates the flow of air and water into the lawn.
  7. Sowing. Usually, this should be done every fall, it helps the lawn always stay in perfect shape. This procedure helps to increase the density of the lawn, which will further prevent the growth of weeds and pests.
  8. Topdressing. Fertilizers give your lawn the nutrients it needs to keep it healthy. They need to be applied three to six times a year. There are three main types of fertilizers: fast-release synthetic, slow-release synthetic, and slow-release natural. They differ in the following characteristics:

a) Fast-acting gives the lawn, respectively, fast nutrition, accelerating the growth of leaves and their landscaping. However such a growth rate can lead to the formation of a weak root system, which can subsequently dry out the lawn.

b) Slow-acting ones provide smooth and stable nutrition of substances, their action does not give quick results. However, the obvious advantage of these substances is that they contribute to the development of a strong root system.

c) Natural. They may include dried blood, fish oil, manure, etc. They require exposure to soil microbes to function. Natural fertilizers need to be used more often than synthetic ones, so they are more expensive.

Professionals will be able to advise the most suitable fertilizer that will make your site much better.

9) Maintenance of soil acidity. Too much fertilizer may not work if your lawn is acidic. In this case, the grass will not be able to use the nutrients. If the professionals start dealing with the acidity of the soil, then it will also benefit the furriers, as they grow at higher or lower levels.

10) Lawn care. Basically, the lawn suffers due to the presence of fungi. Diseases can be caused by over-fertilization, improper watering, or stressing the lawn in any other way. Therefore, professional care, watering, and haircuts are necessary.

Commercial lawn maintenance firms usually offer customers a “package” of services that includes the package you need. But also the company can only provide you with one specific service, depending on your needs. Therefore, decide for yourself what range of services the site near your office needs and what budget you are ready to allocate for this. Also, be smart when choosing a company and make sure they have all the services you need that don’t come with a hefty markup. A good company will help you save land and budget.

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