If you want to find the perfect outdoor ceiling fan, you will have plenty of options to choose from. There are different aspects you will have to pay attention to in order to make the best decision. Keep reading to find the outdoor ceiling fan that will complement your needs and overcome your expectations. 


Consider the humidity in your outdoor space

There are ceiling fans made for covered outdoor locations or for uncovered ones. The main difference between these two major types is in the resistance to rust or corrosion that your ceiling fan will have.  


Damp rated fans are made for covered outdoor spaces while wet rated fans are made for uncovered outdoor spaces. if your space is covered, that means no rain will reach your fan so you can go for a damp rated fan. 


On the other hand, if your space allows rain or other precipitations to get to it due to the fact that it is uncovered, you want to invest in a wet rated fan. These wet rated ceiling fans come with a layer that is anti rust and prevents them from getting damaged. 


Decide on what type of outdoor ceiling fan you want

You will be impressed on the different designs outdoor ceiling fans come with and how many options you will have! While this is an aspect that is directly related to your personal taste you should still make sure the fan compliments the rest of your decor. 


  • Minimalistic design. This design is also known as a contemporary design and it is very simple yet extremely functional. Contemporary fans are usually made of metal and they go great with simple furniture as well as geometric decorations. 
  • Vintage or antique ceiling fans. If you want an outdoor ceiling fan that will add a tint of sophistication to your space, choose an antique style. The light bulb on this fans is usually a warm light and they have vintage details on the blade as well as the frame. 
  • Rustic designed ceiling fans. If you are looking for an outdoor ceiling fan to complement your country style house, a rustic one is your best choice. This design is ideal for traditional spaces and it blends in nicely with other homemade decoration pieces. 
  • Tropical designed ceiling fans. For a tropical vacation house, you can decide on a ceiling fans with a bamboo design on the blades or frame. You can even put such a fan in your relaxation space to increase the vacation vibe around you. 


How many blades should the fan have

The number of blades an outdoor ceiling fan should have is a common question among people who want to invest in such a product. The most popular options are three blade fans and five blade fans. The ceiling fans with three blades might be too weak for large spaces so if you want an even air distribution, you might be interested in five blade ceiling fans. 



The last but not least, you will have to consider the maintenance of your product. Do you need to oil the fan every year or every few months or does it come with a self-lubricating maintenance level? Will it rust in humid weather conditions? These are questions you want to ask yourself before you invest in an outdoor ceiling fan. Check out the description of the product and make sure to contact the manufacturer if you have any extra questions before purchasing the ceiling fan that you are interested in. 

By following these aspects you know that you will not go wrong with your investment. If you pick your ceiling fan wisely, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come! 



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