Brunch parties are the perfect way to get together with friends on the weekend, without the stress of leaving your home. These casual, relaxed gatherings are a great opportunity to chat, enjoy your favorite breakfast foods, and drink a mimosa or two. If you’re thinking about hosting a brunch party, but aren’t quite sure what you should make, this article is for you! To avoid paying for an expensive rooftop brunch, you can easily cook great food for yourself without spending too much time or waking up at 6am.

There’s a range of popular brunch foods that are easy to cook in under 20 minutes or less and plenty of simple things you can buy to supplement your buffet table. Coffee and tea are, of course, a must have an option for your guests. If you’re into mixing up a drink for the event, you’ll want either mimosas or bloody Marys. There are plenty of options for getting creative when it comes to assembling your table! Here are just a few of dos and don’ts for planning your next brunch party.


Eggs are a staple item for any breakfast table and are easy to transform into a delicious dish without a hassle. You can create a standout frittata, egg bake, or continental breakfast in a flash, without worrying about spending too much time or money. Because eggs will get cold quickly, you’ll want to focus most of the cooking time you have during the party on this dish. Mix and match with a range of vegetables, breakfast sausages, or bacon to create a tasty, protein rich meal that everyone will enjoy.

Breakfast Burritos or Breakfast Tacos

If you’re ready to mix up your brunch traditions, you might want to consider assembling breakfast burritos or tacos instead of the usual egg bake. You won’t have to turn on the oven, and you’ll find that the prep time is approximately the same. Everyone can easily customize toppings and spices for their burritos or tacos, which means it’s easy to serve according to the exact preferences of each guest.

Eggs, fried potatoes, cheese, and sausage are the traditional components of this recipe, but there are plenty of ways to spruce it up without going overboard. To accent this dish, consider adding jalapeños, limes, fresh cilantro, or avocados. Tomatoes, shallots, and cotija cheese are great additions as well. Ready to mix up a truly fantastic addition to your Mexican style dishes? You might want to consider assembling a homemade verde salsa the night before that you can easily serve alongside the meal.

Pancakes vs. French Toast

You can’t go wrong with pancakes or french toast when you’re setting up a brunch party- but you rarely want to choose both. So which dish is the best for your late morning get-together? Our vote is usually for french toast because it takes slightly less time to assemble and won’t get soggy quite as fast. That being said, you don’t technically have to include either dish when you’re assembling your brunch buffet table.

You can add sweet or fruity flavors to either dish with fresh berries, powdered sugar, or homemade apple butter. If you’re making pancakes, you can always mix in walnuts to add a little bit of protein. If you’re planning to make french toast, skip the sandwich bread route and purchase a loaf of high-quality french bread from your local supermarket or bakery.

Fresh Fruit

Sliced fruit or berries are an absolute must for your brunch table, without exception. It’s an easy to assemble side dish that shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to prepare. In addition, it’s a perfect way to compliment your other breakfast dishes, whether it’s eggs, yogurt, and granola, or baked goodies such as scones and muffins. You might be surprised at how quickly this healthy addition to the meal disappears.

Breakfast Bread and Other Pastries

Speaking of easy additions to your breakfast table, you might want to consider running down to your local bakery to pick up a loaf of breakfast bread, or perhaps a box or two of other baked treats, such as cinnamon rolls or danishes. You can always make these goodies at home, but most of the time, it is too time-consuming a process, particularly if you’re preparing a range of other dishes. Don’t shortcut quality (i.e. purchase from the grocery store) when it comes to picking out these items- you might have to get up early to pick them up before they sell out, but it’s always worth the extra effort.

Yogurt and Granola

Yogurt or kefir bowls are a great customizable dish that allows your guests to choose the flavors, toppings, or portion sizes they prefer when assembling their food. Set up is easy- simply add granola, fruit, pumpkin seeds, nuts, flax, or chia seeds on the side, and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a superfood meal that’s both tasty and healthy. Ready to take this dish to the next level? Turn on the oven and try out this delicious homemade granola recipe for your next brunch party.

Breakfast Items You Might Want to Avoid

While pretty much all breakfast foods are a welcome addition to your brunch party, there are a few items you might want to consider skipping, for the sake of time. The number one item on this list is bacon, which takes a while to prepare, can splatter your kitchen with grease, and isn’t all that healthy (though it is admittedly delicious). Biscuits and gravy are another dishes you might want to skip- they take a while to prepare and usually have to be served immediately. After all, you don’t want to spend the entire brunch party in the kitchen!

Conclusion- The Best Food for Your Next Brunch Party

Preparing an elegant arrangement for your brunch table doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are plenty of simple foods and recipes that cut down on prep time, taste delicious, and are sure to make your party a memorable one.

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