Preparing for college dorm life is a time of excitement, but it can also be stressful. Every student has different needs and budgets, so there is no perfect way to prepare for the dorms. Here are five tips that will help you out in whatever situation you may find yourself in. 

  1. Label everything

Labeling can be a fun activity and can start a conversation with your roommate. It’s always nice to know what belongs to who or if someone is taking something that doesn’t belong to them. Just make sure the labels are easy to read and not too big because it could irritate those surrounding you. Your roommate will thank you later!

  1. Keep your room clean, clean as you go along.

This tip goes back to #1 on this list but keeping things organized especially when living in a small confined space. This is imperative for your sanity and other people trying to get through your dorm room door without running into random stuff lying everywhere. There’s nothing worse than seeing an unmade bed and clothes strewn about the floor that you’re constantly tripping over.

It also helps to know where everything is at all times. So you don’t have a panic attack when you can’t find your phone charger when it’s dead and time is ticking away because you have somewhere to be.

  1. Create a sleep schedule

Just like anything else, after an extended period of time doing something, your body gets used to it and starts to adjust accordingly as needed. For example, if you work out every day for 8 hours, your body will adjust by burning more calories per day than someone who doesn’t work out as much or at all. The same goes for sleeping habits or lack thereof. Suppose your roommates are always out during the day or always sleeping when you’re awake and vice versa, then your sleep schedule will fall into place for that. You’ll adjust to their schedule as the days go by, so try and stay on a sleep schedule as best you can with your roommates.

  1. Get involved on campus.

When I say get involved, I do not mean join every club that is available because there’s only so much time in the day but get yourself involved at least once while in college! It may even be something simple like being part of a committee to help plan an event or doing marketing for an organization of some sort.

Not only will it look great on your resume to have this sort of experience under your belt, but it might also give you that extra push to land an internship or even a job because you’ll be more knowledgeable and experienced about things than the next person.

  1. Communicate and compromise with your roommates

This tip is especially important if you are sharing a room with another person. Make sure you talk about everything that is going on, good or bad, so there aren’t any surprises when it comes around to it. Who knows? You might actually like each other after getting some things out in the open that may have been causing tension between the two of you before it escalated into something worse.

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