Art hanging systems merge flexible picture hanging with damage-free walls. This implies you can rearrange paintings and other objects without effort or tools. 

You can also adjust the placements and your artworks’ height without the need for drilling new holes. 

If you’re contemplating installing an art rail system, here’s what you need to know.

How an Art Rail System Works

The hanging system comprises three basic components: moveable hangers that permit horizontal positioning, a wall-mounted track, and adjustable hooks that glide up and down to enable vertical positioning. 

Art rail systems are molding strips that adhere to walls while running horizontally around a room, usually at a height aligned with the top of any window pane. 

At times, they can virtually blend with the crown molding, positioned some inches from the ceiling. This form of molding previously offered a sophisticated means of artwork hanging on difficult-to-penetrate plaster walls. 

While they might appear like a quaint throwback, you’ll notice they can still give your space a fresh, elegant look.

Benefits of Art Rail Systems

Despite their name, an art rail system isn’t merely for art, galleries, or pictures. You could even hang clocks, mirrors, or bulletin boards by choosing the appropriate hanging hardware. Here are some reasons why this system is popular.

Offers Flexibility

The major benefit of installing a rail system is offering an efficient and fast process of taking down, putting up, and re-arranging wall pictures. Also, there’s room for creativity by including numerous hooks to a cable to stack various art pieces in a vertical column.

Reduces Installation Errors

If you’re prone to DIY mistakes, you’ll also decrease the potential for errors or misaligning works. With this system, you simply need to clip in a cable and maneuver the hooks into place.

On the flip side, in a rail hanging system, you have cables running down the wall to hook your picture. While vendors have tried offering a solution by providing various designs, for instance, white and clear, the cables remain visible. Choosing cables that match the color and theme of your living room might help them blend into the rest of the decor.

If you’re looking to hang paintings or artwork in your office or home, picture hanging systems permit flexibility and ease of arranging, installing wall pictures. The art rail systems are flexible, will preserve your walls, and minimize installation errors.


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