If you love nature and hiking, you will likely want to visit all kinds of places and enjoy the sights they have to offer! Your journey, then, might also take you to Florida. Or you might simply be moving there and want to know what you can enjoy in your new state! Well, to help with both of these potential goals, we have put together a list of great hiking destinations in Florida. Just remember that hiking can be dangerous, no matter how easy a trail is! You should always prepare diligently and be ready to calmly handle any injuries that may happen.

Big Shoals State Park

Incredibly beautiful (and the largest!) rapids in Florida call this park their home. Along with the thick forest, these bluffs provide amazing views, and the fact that you can sign up for a kayaking experience once your hike is over makes this park a solid choice.

Kayaking in The Big Shoals State Park, one of the great hiking destinations in Florida
Kayaking can be an exhilarating experience!

Torreya State Park

This particular destination will be extra attractive to biology buffs. Or those who like to research rare trees! Named after Torreya trees, this park is one of the few locations where they can be found and appreciated. The trees make for a unique sight, and the available trails are challenging enough for those who want an actual, hard workout, making it the absolute best of both worlds!

Ocala National Forest

Absolutely enormous, Ocala offers fitting trails for both beginners and expert hikers alike. The variety in terrain and tree type also ensures that the experience will not become dull or tiring. In addition to this, Alexander and Juniper Springs in Ocala make for scenic picnic spots that are sure to take your breath away! Perfect for either a family picnic or a date and doubly so if you want to make your first date memorable

A picnic made to take for a hike
Great hiking destinations in Florida are admittedly scenic enough to provide good picnic spots!

Falling Waters State Park

For people fascinated by waterfalls, we present the Falling Waters State Park. Housing the tallest waterfall in Florida, this park is a must-visit spot even if you do not particularly enjoy hiking. The sights will be well worth it! As you have already guessed, after moving to Florida, you definitely won’t lack new activities to experience. So, if you are looking for many other things you can try in addition to the regular stuff, definitely consider visiting. 

Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

This is one of the more challenging locations on our list. This park consists of primarily rugged terrain and predominantly swampy one at that. The abundance of wildlife does add a thrill to it, however, which might make less experienced hikers determined enough to brave the experience. But, make sure to stay safe! And to properly take care of yourself post-workout

Florida Caverns State Park

One of the more unique destinations on our list, Florida Caverns State Park, is exactly what its name implies. The underground wonderland this park presents will let you get your fix for hiking and provide a novel and exciting experience. Not many can claim they had gone hiking in a cavern! Just make sure to properly prepare for this particular trail. 

Upon experiencing this incredible adventure, many people start considering moving to Florida. The Sunshine state undoubtedly has a lot to offer, so it’s no wonder why so many people from all walks of life choose to live there. So, while you prepare to make Florida your home, make sure to research all the fantastic places you can visit and new activities you can try. 

A picture of caverns you might see hiking in Florida
Cavers might seem intimidating but are not that much harder than regular trails!

Little Talbot Island State Park

The hiking trail through this particular park is another perfect date setting. The beauty of the beach, combined with the unique sight of the dunes and wind-blown trees, makes for an impressive backdrop. Besides that, the trail is just challenging enough while still being a decent workout. One thing is for sure; you can benefit from arranging regular hiking trips to this place. If only to empty your mind and enjoy the bounty of nature it offers.


Little Manatee River State Park

Very scenic and quite close to Tampa, this is one of the great hiking destinations in Florida for those who want to stay close enough to a major hub while still being able to enjoy nature. It helps that it is also quite an easy trail, which means that beginners do not need to worry about not being able to handle it. You should still get adequately prepared to tackle it, though! Lack of preparation can always lead to injury when hiking, which would only spoil the experience for everyone involved. 

Savannas Preserve State Park

Colorful, fun, and over ten miles long! This park which strives to preserve what we have left of the Florida savannas, is, nonetheless, actually quite challenging for beginners, particularly if you feel tempted to get off the well-beaten tracks. A combination of marshlands and scrub causes this. But! Nature abounds with colorful flowers and birdlife, rendering your effort well worth it. 

Black Bear Wilderness Loop

This is actually a well-established trail meant for the more experienced hikers. Or at least those with plenty of grit and stamina. Spanning 7.1 miles, it is composed of raised wooden walkways which loom over the forest floor, marshes, canals, and footpaths. The trail’s name should clue you in on what the most common animal dominating this trail is, and sighting will not at all be rare if you decide to undertake the hike.

One final reminder

We have compiled our list of great hiking destinations in Florida to help hiking enthusiasts and newcomers discover beautiful and exciting destinations. But we would also like to remind you once again that hiking is not to be taken lightly! All it takes is a single misstep to earn yourself a twisted ankle. And no matter how close civilization might be, that can still be pretty risky! So, get the proper equipment, comfortable and sturdy shoes, and try not to take on these trails alone. We are serious about the final request! Hiking without a friend to watch your back is all kinds of unsafe. And there is no reason not to share the wonderful experience with someone else! That said, we hope you try and enjoy every one of these trails!

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