If you are planning to relocate, you’re surely filled to the brim with items you need to get rid of. What better time to do so than when you’re already clearing your home? Although there are various ways to get rid of things, hosting a garage sale is the best way to earn some money. However, to host a successful garage sale, you need to know how to plan it, organize the items, and deal with all the details. We are here to help you reduce the number of things while also helping you earn the most money possible.

Set up a date and time wisely

The timing of your garage sale is crucial if you wish to maximize your profits. So, if you can schedule the garage sale, do it at an optimal time.

Month: Warmer months should always be prioritized because people are more likely to be outside.

Day of the month: Avoid hosting the garage sale on a special day such as a holiday or event day. Additionally, avoid workdays since people will generally either be too busy or too tired. 

Time of the day: Start your garage sale early in the morning and finish late in the afternoon.

If you’re short on time and can’t host the garage sale whenever you want, don’t worry; the remaining guidelines will still help you host a successful garage sale.

A calendar with a pair of glasses on top of it.
If possible, give yourself enough time to prepare the garage sale in order for it to be successful.

Get help from friends and family

Since hosting a successful garage sale is not easy, get help from whoever you can. Ask your friends and family if they are available and let them know which tasks they can assist you with. They might have valuable skills and information you need. However, properly managing each task and person can be quite a challenge. To host a successful garage sale, it is vital to have everyone on board with what needs to be done. For the best results, note the general tasks, break them down into smaller tasks, and each of them to your helpers.

Sell as many items as possible

One word: declutter. Since you will be moving houses, you should give your new home the space it needs. With fewer items in your new home, you will not only make it look bigger, but you may even earn some money. The more items you have, the more you can potentially sell.

Try and be objective when deciding what to keep and what not to keep. Ask yourself important questions such as:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Will I use this in the foreseeable future?
  • Can I buy a new one whenever I do need it?

Organize all of the items for the garage sale 

Now that you have all of the belongings you wish to sell, it is time to organize them. Make sure to protect fragile items and then separate them into categories. Categories will help you keep track of things and make it easier for you to set everything up when the time comes.

A woman in a room full of items and boxes organizing them one by one.
Take your time organizing since first impressions matter.

Fix up anything that can be fixed

When organizing your items, you may notice a few needing extra help. Some things may need a good wipe, while some need to be fixed. Since you’re moving, it’s more than likely you’ve made small home improvements before selling to make the price higher. So, just as you would spruce it up for sale, fix up all the items that need minor, inexpensive repairs. This will improve their chances of being sold.

Advertise your garage sale

More people will stop by and look at your goods if you advertise your garage sale. As a result, more people will purchase your items, and you will make a more significant profit. Marketing is not only important when building a business – it is a pillar of success in many other areas, garage sales being one of them. Luckily, there are plenty of free ways to do this. Use any social media and give important information such as the location, date, and time. You may also mention the items people would be most interested in to pique their curiosity. Placing fliers and posters in strategic locations can also help.

Strategically showcase all of the items outside

The day of the garage sale is just as important as the days leading up to it. Now is your moment to strategically showcase all you have to offer. Based on the previously made categories, you can place related categories next to one another. Focus on displaying the items in a way that will make them easy to look through. And do not forget to price each item accordingly. Offering lower prices will maximize the number of items sold. And, like the pros at Centennial Moving say, bringing fewer items into your new home will give you more freedom to make it feel like home

A brown piece of cardboard paper hanging by a piece of twine at the top.
Even a simple scrap of paper can be used as a price tag for your garage sale.

Make it an event

In order to host a successful garage sale, you should make it feel like an event. So before you focus on making your new home feel like home, concentrate on making the most out of this garage sale. Place a “Garage sale” sign, decorate the spot as much as you can, be hospitable, and answer any questions people might have. Offer complimentary drinks on a hot day and see your profit increase.

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