It may be high time for you to get a sliding glass door for your home. Why? Because sliding glass doors can give you the perfect combination of elegance, protection, and visibility.

Sliding glass doors provide easy access to your backyard or pool. Having one is an amazing asset if you entertain guests regularly. 

Outdoor living in your own backyard is a breeze with a sliding patio door. Keep reading to learn more. 

Advantages of Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door or a sliding glass door sits on a railing system mounted in a doorway’s threshold. These ensure that the door panels remain parallel when slid from side to side. 

There are many benefits to installing a sliding patio door. Let’s look at some of the top reasons you should consider sliding glass doors for your home.

Sliding Glass Doors Do Not Take Up Space 

This is a clear advantage of sliding doors. Due to their design, nobody needs to worry about a heavy, open door interrupting the traffic in your home. 

More space is created in your living area since an open sliding glass door takes up no additional space. No need to worry about propping a door open in the San Diego heat!

Easy Access and View 

Due to their design, sliding doors only need to be pushed aside if you need to go to your backyard. This is an underrated feature for our busy customers with children or pets. With a clear view of your backyard, you can keep an eye on your children and pets.

More Natural Lighting

Sliding glass doors help save on energy costs by allowing in more sunlight. 

Since sunlight can pass through the doors, the need to use lights during the day is reduced. This key feature saves customers money on their energy bills! If you choose sliding glass doors, San Diego’s natural sunlight will make your home brighter.

Using Your Sliding Doors for Outdoor Living

With wonderful weather all year round, it’s easy to achieve outdoor living in San Diego. The trick is to turn your exterior into a part of your living space.

Here are some ways you can achieve this: 

Consider a Patio Doors or an Outdoor Dining Table

Placed beyond the threshold, this can give the illusion that your outdoor dining area is part of your kitchen interior. 

With your sliding glass door providing access, this elegant look is easily achievable. 

Create a Living Room Extension Outside

This is a common way to use sliding glass doors in San Diego.

This approach works best if you install a sliding door in your living room. If this is the case, add some matching furniture outside. By doing this, you create additional space for your living room. 

Try Your Balcony or Veranda

Due to their design, sliding glass doors can be a beautiful addition to a balcony. Using space-saving furniture to decorate your balcony can give this area the same appeal as an outdoor patio. 

With the minimalist design of a sliding door, you can enjoy a roomier balcony or veranda, making it an extension of your bedroom. 

Can’t Go Wrong With a Sliding Glass Door!

A sliding glass door not only slashes your energy bill. It guarantees you more space. It can also get you seamless access to your lawn, patio, yard, or swimming pool. 

Use a sliding door to achieve a sleeker outdoor living look. 

Is your sliding door in your kitchen or dining area? Add a secondary dining room beyond the door’s threshold. 

You can also transform verandas which is great for people that love to entertain. Adding a sliding glass door is the best alternative to make this happen. 

Whatever the case may be, we at US Window And Door have the supplies and the expertise to install your sliding doors. 

We offer sliding glass door installations for a fraction of the price elsewhere. Our experienced team of window and door specialists boasts quick, friendly, and quality services.  Give us a call for your sliding glass door needs!

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