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Bridesmaids are often the unsung heroes of any wedding. When you, the bride, are having a terrible time, they’re there to pick you up and get you back on track. They’re at your side to give you advice on your dress, the food to be served, and which guests you should probably not invite to your wedding.

They’re in for the long haul. Everything from dress fittings to standing up beside you while you say your vows. Even though this day is definitely all about you, it takes a certain kind of bride, someone with a lot of class, to shower her bridesmaids with just enough attention and appreciation to let them know how special they are, too. To help you with ideas on how to make your bridesmaids feel special and how best to show your appreciation of them, here are a few tips.

1. The Proposal

Even though proposals are usually reserved for the groom and bride-to-be, you could use the same idea to invite your selected friends to be your bridesmaids. Instead of getting down on bended knee, you could come up with another way to surprise them with this request. Each bridesmaid likely plays a vital role in your life, which is why they were chosen. Some may be your own friends or family, and others will be your fiance’s friends and family. Each person has their own personality, likes, and individual connection to you. This allows you to make each proposal unique and that much more special.

Let’s say your best friend loves theme parks. Why not visit a local amusement park and propose to her either during the ride, just before, or after? She’ll be living the thrill of being in a location she loves best and will absolutely adore the idea of being your bridesmaid for your wedding. Not only is the proposal itself special, but she’ll feel appreciated and connected to you for being asked in such a novel, touching way.

2. Offer Dress Choices

One of the most difficult parts of being a bridesmaid is settling on a dress. While you look stunning in a wedding dress that’s been tailored just for you, your bridesmaids don’t always receive the same treatment. You can change that. While you should still maintain some control over the final dress selection to make sure that it goes with the theme and color scheme of your wedding, you can offer them the opportunity to discuss styles.

To make this process easier and faster, you can order a custom-made bridesmaid dress. You can choose the style, color, the fabric, and entrust the rest to the professionals. A customized wedding dress is the best option for making an accent on the uniqueness of your bridesmaid and making sure it fits the theme and color scheme of the party

You may even find that one bridesmaid among them is a real fashionista whose dress ideas are better than yours. It’s okay for you to change your mind should a more suitable idea be suggested. Regardless, by allowing your bridesmaids the opportunity to have some say in the dress they’ll be wearing, you can prevent a lot of potential drama come the big day when everyone is running around in a frenzy getting dressed.

3. Don’t Freak Out if They Can’t Make Every Appointment

It can be easy amidst the excitement of your own wedding to forget that not everyone’s life revolves around you. Your bridesmaids may have their own commitments, appointments, and, sometimes, families to take care of apart from your wedding plans. While they certainly should do what they can to attend hair appointments, rehearsals, and dress fittings, you shouldn’t be too upset if they have to cancel due to an emergency or family conflict. By respecting that they have lives outside of your wedding plans, it makes you look less like a diva or a dreaded bridezilla.

4. Keep Expectations Low

While you should certainly have high standards for your wedding, you need to understand that every bridesmaid is different. Some may have smaller budgets than others. If you’re leaving the dress shopping up to them, you need to understand that some bridesmaids may have to buy affordable dresses as they can’t afford the brand-name dresses you’d like everyone to wear. Work with them.

Perhaps you can find it in your budget to help them pay for certain items. Regardless, you should do your best to understand that each bridesmaid has a different need and ability to perform her task as a bridesmaid. By not expecting too much from anyone, you can keep the pressure off and allow everybody to enjoy the experience instead.

5. Delegate

While your Maid of Honor will likely receive the bulk of the duties, you don’t want your bridesmaids to feel left out. Each one should be given a task to perform. This is a great way to ensure that the responsibilities don’t all fall to one person who can’t reasonably do everything. By delegating you not only make it easier for them to support you as a bride, but you also make them feel important and wanted. Each bridesmaid has a task or responsibility that is just theirs. Ideally, it should be attributed to their interests.

For example, if one of your bridesmaids is quite crafty, perhaps they can be in charge of helping you make invitations for your guests. Or, as mentioned before, if you have a bridesmaid who happens to have a good eye for fashion, perhaps she should be in charge of figuring out the dress code and dresses for everyone. Acknowledge their strengths and give them tasks that they’re best suited for. Not only does this make them feel special but it also shows that you recognize their unique talents and gifts.

6. Pamper

One final idea you can use to make your bridesmaids feel special is to provide them with some pampering. On the day before the wedding or the day before the bachelorette party.  You could get all of the girls together and treat them all to a spa day.  Where the only thing anyone has to worry about is not missing their massage appointment.

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