What exactly does it mean to style a modern bedroom? There are a few design elements that claim a piece of furniture or decor as modern. For the most part, the modern style is all about clean lines, bold use of color, and simplicity. Here is how to pull these elements together in your bedroom furniture and decor.

Use two contrasting but complimentary colors.

Remember when you were first learning to dress yourself, and you were told that orange didn’t match blue? Well, now it does! The key is to find complementary shades that stand out against each other but don’t create a displeasing effect.

Keep the background simple, with clean lines and grays, muted whites, and shades of black. This will make the color you add pop even louder. Remember in WandaVision when splashes of color started showing up against the black and white background and characters? That is the aesthetic you are going for, that bold, stark contrast of color that truly becomes the focal point of the room.

Keep wall art and patterns simple.

For the most part, choose solid colors for your bedroom furniture and bedding. You can add a bit of pattern and texture with some simple wall art, lamps, and throw pillows.

Make small bedrooms seem large.

Adding mirrors, glass, or recessed lighting can make a small bedroom seem much larger. Pair this bedroom design strategy with a smaller, sleeker bedroom set with a smaller profile. These design elements will do little good if the bedroom is crammed with furniture.

Windows are vital for the simplest modern bedroom design.

Simplicity really is the theme for modern bedrooms, and as such, the best decor you can have is natural, bright wood with an unexpected touch of color as seen in the bright light of day through the windows. You don’t have to spend any money on bedroom decor with this natural way of highlighting a room. 

You will need to have a good window that bathes the room in natural light. If you don’t have one suitable, it isn’t expensive to have a new window constructed and installed. Choose versatile window treatments that give you the option of blocking or attracting daylight. You can find bedroom furniture sets made of beautiful wood of many shades and types online to complete the look.

Give yourself plenty of lighting options.

Modern bedrooms don’t have to be harsh, and you want to remember that you need a soothing place to escape, relax, and sleep. The best way to create a soothing atmosphere in a modern bedroom is with the judicial use of lighting. 

Bedside lamps have always been a standard of the complete bedroom set, but you really need additional sources of light in today’s bedrooms. We no longer just use our bedroom to sleep or read in bed. We also use our bedroom as a place to work, a place to relax or chat on the phone with friends, or simply a means of escape from other members of your household. Lamps illuminate those activities. Check prices!

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