With a pandemic still ongoing, working from home has seen an enormous increase in popularity. This approach has numerous advantages, but it requires a proper home office setup to properly focus on your work assignments. You can easily set up a home office if you have some free space in your house or apartment. However, when space is limited, things become more complicated. Fortunately, there are still numerous options available. In this article, we’ll present you with a list of modern design ideas for your home office to help you build your ideal working environment.

A separate home office

Most people don’t have a separate room in their home for their home office. Instead, they have to make do with what else is available. However, if you do have a free room – you’ve hit the jackpot. In a separate home office, you’ll be able to get some peace and focus on your work with no interruptions. You’ll also have more interior design options to choose from. Consider all the different ways you can use colors in your home design. You can go with a simple, elegant design using neutral colors and practical designs. Alternatively, you can add warmth to your home office by putting up wooden bookshelves and bright colors. 

Keep in mind that a home office should primarily be a functional area. Too much furniture may bring chaos into the room. On the other hand, too little furniture would not provide adequate space for paperwork. Even if you opt to construct a minimalistic area, it should include enough shelves and cabinets.

Set up a home office in the bedroom

When you don’t have enough room in your home, your options for setting up your home office might be limited. One of the solutions could be creating a small working space in the bedroom. You can combine your home office with a vanity. Alternatively, you can get a small secretary desk. A desk that small is perfect and should fit in all the nooks and crannies of your apartment. If you need more room to have a well-organized home office, there are many space-saving tips and ideas online. For example, if you don’t have enough space in your bedroom for both your paperwork and your stuff, consider installing storage space underneath your feet. It’s a simple, sneaky way to create room for all your belongings.

A man sitting in front of three computers, working.
By simply putting a desk in your bedroom, you can create a small but functional workspace.

Create a workspace in the living room

If all you need for work is your laptop, a chair, and an electrical outlet, the solution could be much simpler than you think. Buy a new desk or console table and solve your problem the easy way. Instead of setting up an entire home office, start working from your living room. This is one of the easiest and most seamless design ideas for your home office there are. After you’re done with the work, you can put a vase with flowers on the desk. As a result, your home office design will be virtually unnoticeable. 

You can place your work desk almost anywhere. If the sofa’s length corresponds to the span of a desk, behind the sofa could be a perfect location. Installed decorative shelving behind the sofa can also serve as office storage.

Use a closet as a home office

One of the most interesting modern design ideas for your home office involves hiding your home office in a closet. In this situation, all you will require is a little desk and a chair. Unfortunately, while this is a highly attractive solution, it also has significant drawbacks. The most important disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of storage space that you could otherwise use for something else. So, if you find yourself unsure where to put all your things, research ways to get more storage space in your home.

Set up your home office under the stairs

Utilize small empty spaces in your home by setting up a small home office under the stairs. This space is usually useless, but now it can be a solution to all your problems. In most cases, only a tiny desk and a chair can fit beneath the stairwell. However, there are situations when the room is large enough to install some shelves or cabinets. To fit all your documents into your small workspace, consider digitizing some of your paperwork. This, along with other storage and filing solutions, will help you organize important papers like a pro.

A person going through documents in a folder.
It’s important to keep your files and paperwork in your home office organized.

Create a workspace with a view

Do you have big windows with wide window sills in your house or apartment? If so, use them for your everyday work by creating a tiny workplace on your windowsill. Although the concept appears strange, it pairs well with other smart design ideas for small spaces. The most significant advantage of this idea is the ability to save space. You don’t have to look for a spot for a desk and worry about whether it will complement the rest of the furnishings in the living room or bedroom. Furthermore, you won’t need to purchase any new equipment.

Other ideas for your home office

If you’re struggling with finding room for your workspace, there are many other modern design ideas for your home office you can also try. You can save so much space by installing a wall-mounted desk or high shelves for your paperwork. Alternatively, you can combine your home office with other rooms such as the kitchen or the playroom. This could help you save space as well as multitask more easily when needed.

A woman working next to the distracting little girl.
By setting up your workspace in shared rooms, you would be able to multitask more efficiently.

Final thoughts

Whether you have no other option or you love working from home, there are plenty of modern design ideas for your home office you can consider. Take into account the available space in your home, and find a solution that works best for you. While it’s important that your home office is practical, don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to design. Pick out furniture and a color scheme you enjoy. After all, it’s vital you feel comfortable in your own workspace.

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