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Because your body is 60% water and 100% fabulous!

Greetings, Hydration Nation! If you’ve been on the prowl for the crème de la crème of water systems, your safari may just have reached its juicy endpoint. Introducing the Lang Water System! And before you ask, no, it’s not a new water-themed park, but it’ll splash your thirst away just as effectively.

A Bit About Lang

The Lang Water System, found at [drinklang.us](https://www.drinklang.us/), is not your ordinary water filter. It promises to deliver not just clean, but spiritually awakened water. Okay, I made up the “spiritually awakened” part, but if our souls can be rejuvenated by yoga, why not water?

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Here’s What It’s All About:

**Design:** It’s got the sleekness of a Tesla and the minimalism of an IKEA lamp. If Apple decided to dive into the water system industry, they’d probably come up with something that looked a lot like Lang. If you’re hoping for your kitchen to get featured in a home décor magazine, this is your ticket in.

**Functionality:** Lang is not just about pretty looks; it packs a punch in the water purifying department. You know how Spider-Man got bitten and turned super? This machine, without any spider bites, turns your regular H2O into super H2O!

**Eco-friendliness:** Remember when you tried to grow a plant in a Styrofoam cup? And remember how the environment cried a bit that day? Well, with Lang, Mother Nature is giving you a high-five. It’s an eco-friendly solution to bottled water. Less plastic, more fantastic!

Time to Dive In: My Experience with Lang

I unboxed my Lang, half expecting it to play a majestic tune or release a puff of glitter. Spoiler: it didn’t. But setting it up was a breeze. In fact, I spent more time deciding which Instagram filter to use for my unboxing story. 

The water? Delicious! It’s like tasting water from the fountain of youth. I felt younger with each sip, and while it hasn’t reversed any wrinkles, I’m certain my insides are tap dancing.

By David Lieber

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