When asked about favorite childhood memories, people give various answers. But there is one answer that stands out more often than the others: family vacations! People love remembering the fun trips they used to take with their parents and siblings. That’s because these vacations are when families bond and spend time together away from the usual everyday problems and stressful situations. That is even more true for military families. Members from military families go through more stress than most and spend a lot of time apart. So, for them, family vacations are even more special and necessary. However, planning the trip is not as fun and can be tricky. So, we made a little list of the best vacation ideas for military families that will leave you with great memories.

Joint vacation in Florida

Family vacations can be even more fun if you bring close friends. That is especially true for military families as they tend to have very close bonds with other military families. It’s because they understand the military lifestyle and everything that goes with it—all the stressful situations and time spent apart. So, when you can share that with somebody who also understands, that creates a tight bond. That makes going on a joint family vacation a great idea. All the kids can play together, and adults can relax and have fun. A great vacation spot for this joint vacation is in Florida. It’s filled with family-friendly activities. The amazing Aquatica in Orlando is where the whole family can enjoy the fun water rides. Many hiking destinations are suitable for the entire family if you like being outdoors. Then there is the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, both fun and educational for kids. And we can’t forget the incredible theme parks such as Jurassic Park and Harry Potter theme park.

Entrance to the Jurassic park theme park.
Kids will love all the theme parks in Florida.

One of the best vacation ideas for military families is a trip to Arizona!

Military families move often, and that can be very stressful. According to Zippy Shell DMV, they get hired for their military moving services more and more every year. So, what these families need most on holiday is a sense of relaxation and stability, and that’s why Arizona is the right place. You can spend your days visiting incredible places like Arizona’s Desert Botanical Garden, where you and your kids can see wild nature up close. Make this a vacation your kids will never forget by taking them to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. There, your kids can watch the big, impressive trains go by but also take a ride themselves. But the best part of your Arizona vacation will be the iconic Grand Canyon. You can visit the Yavapai Geology Museum, the Grand Canyon Village, or one of the many scenic hiking trails. And the great thing is that there are many discounts and even free passes for military families.

A sign that says Welcome to Virginia.
Virginia is not just a great vacation spot. It’s also an excellent place for a military family to live in.

Visit California!

The next stop on our list is sunny California. A perfect destination where you can run away from the stress of your everyday life and spends some time creating memories with your family on the beach. There is so much to do in California, but let’s start with the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. That is every child’s dream; if we are honest, adults are also. You can enjoy entertaining rides, and kids can meet their favorite Disney characters. Special discounts for military families include a 3-day and 4-day Disney Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket. You must take your family to the famous San Diego Zoo in California. One more place to visit that is very special to military families is Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial. Take your family to show respect to the veterans who have done so much for your country and make it a learning experience for your kids.

Learn and have fun in Washington

Every American should visit the US Capitol and experience all it has to offer. That can be a great vacation idea for military families because there are many discounts for them in Washington. First, you can take your family to the historic Ford Theater, where military members and their families get up to 50% discounts for specific performances. Then catch a baseball game with your family where you can get military discounts on tickets. Don’t miss taking your family to historic sites representing important moments in American history. Places like Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial are especially important.  But that’s not all there is. While in Washington, you have to visit the National Children’s Museum. There, your kids can learn about art, technology, and science while having fun simultaneously.

A sign that says Welcome to Virginia.
Virginia is not just a great vacation spot. It’s also an excellent place for a military family to live in.

Enjoy Virginia

And finally, one of the best vacation ideas for military families is in Virginia. This beautiful state is not just a great vacation spot for military families but is also an excellent place for them to live. In Virginia, Service members and veterans get unique benefits such as education, employment, etc. Did you know that renting military storage in Virginia is among the most affordable in the country? A safe unit is available at a very reasonable price, and you won’t have to stress about your items getting damaged. But if you are just visiting Virginia, there are some places you must visit. First, Bay Country Kayaking, where you can enjoy personalized tours through Virginia. Then take your kids to the Children’s Museum of Richmond, where they can learn and have fun through interactive plays and exhibits. And who knows, after the first trip there, maybe you will get inspired to move to Virginia one day.

In conclusion

We hope these vacation ideas for military families made planning your next trip easier and inspired you to visit places you haven’t before. But as with all vacations, the most crucial part is that the family is together. Especially for a family that moves often and spends time apart. No matter where you are, focus on each other and make memories that will last forever.

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