In 2020, you probably spent more time at home than ever. However, things are changing in 2022, and there’s no better way to celebrate but to give your home a new look. As trends tend to change, we’ve collected a list of kitchen design trends for 2022 that you have to check out and try at your home.

More than ever, hygiene and cleanliness are a priority, but colors, specific materials, and flexibility remain important, too. You will be able to give your home the space it needs while still keeping it modern and stylish. Further in this article, you’ll find out how to modernize your kitchen. Hopefully, we’ll be able to inspire you to give your space a new and fresh look.

Trendy colors

One of the easiest ways to change up your kitchen is to change the color scheme. On top of it, it’s also one of the more affordable options for kitchen remodels. When it comes to colors in your kitchen, you can opt for:

  • Warm tones – Comfort colors are making a strong comeback when it comes to kitchen decoration. Beige, shades of blue, and orange are becoming favorites among many people.
  • Bold colors – On the other hand, if you are more adventurous, you might want to consider bright colors to make your kitchen pop.
A white kitchen with black fridge and bar chairs
Caption: White is still one of the most popular colors for kitchens.

Contactless features

One of the biggest trends the past year has brought is different contactless features. To keep your family safe, investing in touch-free faucets or soap dispensers is something you should try. This kind of home technology can make your life better

Although they might sound costly, these features are not expensive at all. Not only will they make your kitchen a safer place, but they will also add a futuristic touch to it and make it stylish and trendy. You can even choose matte or brushed finishes to make them more low maintenance

Concealed kitchen

A hidden kitchen is a perfect solution if you have modest square footage at your disposal. It’s also one of the biggest kitchen design trends for 2022. If you live in a smaller space and need to combine cooking, dining, and relaxing into one area, this might be a perfect solution for you.

This way, you will save space and still have a stylish home. You can conceal the storage units by creating pull-out shelving or hidden drawers. You can even go further by completely masking the cooking area. For example, you can add a door panel that looks like a decorative wall. The more creative you get – the better.

Storage space

One of the things we always seem to lack is storage space. Getting more storage space, especially in the kitchen, is everyone’s concern. The need for more kitchen storage increased during 2020’s pandemic as we were forced to cook more and, therefore, invest in new kitchen appliances, utensils, more groceries, and similar. Thus, different storage solutions became more popular, and they continue to be during 2022.

A person looking into a pantry cupboard
Caption: Pantry cupboards are one of the must-have items in modern kitchens.

An excellent way to increase storage in the kitchen is to use storage benches. They are very trendy and functional, especially if you have a small kitchen and dining area. When you remove the seat lid, you’ll reveal a trunk that is perfect for storing various kitchen items.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Another trend brought to us by the pandemic is building a strong visual and physical connection with the outdoors. When it comes to this trend, the accent is on large bifold doors and windows. By adding large glass doors and windows that seem to sit on your counters, you’ll get a stylish view. 

These types of changes can be quite costly, but they are worth it as your kitchen will look bigger, more open, and in touch with nature.

Kitchen islands

One of the kitchen trends that never seems to go out of style is kitchen islands. Nowadays, many prefer open plan kitchens with dining areas, and adding a kitchen island is a great and functional way to connect the space.

Large kitchen islands are becoming predominant, and there are plenty of ways to utilize them. Not only are they perfect for preparing food, cooking, and storing different kitchen accessories, but they are also a great place for studying or working from home.  

A large bright kitchen with a kitchen island and chairs in the middle
By adding a kitchen island with a marble top, you will be combining two of the biggest kitchen design trends for 2022.

If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, you might want to opt for a double kitchen island. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and will give your kitchen an elegant touch. You can get creative – pair two kitchen islands or even get a custom island made especially for you.

Combining marble with other materials

If you want to add a luxurious feature to your kitchen, make sure to invest in marble. Although this material has been popular in previous decades, it’s experiencing a comeback nowadays, and interior designers strongly recommend investing in it.

Another kitchen design trend is to use mixed materials. You can’t go wrong with combining marble with wood or other polished surfaces, such as metals. Depending on your preferences and what kind of impression you want to make, you can use it for your countertops, kitchen island, or even floors

In conclusion

We hope that you enjoyed our list of kitchen design trends for 2021 that we’ve carefully selected for you. If there is a kitchen trend you’d like to share, please feel free to leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Photos used: By Unsplash

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    I really like how you discussed the different ways kitchen islands could help you do several things at home. Having a bigger kitchen space at home could definitely help us prepare large family dinners better, especially since we’ve developed home cooking as a hobby lately. I’ll definitely ask for a great kitchen island model when I work with a remodeling contractor in the area.

  • Mia Evans

    I like that you suggested adding marble with other materials which can be a luxurious option to add to our kitchen. I will consider that when I get a kitchen benchtop installed in our newly bought home. We should probably get that done before even moving in, so we can settle in the house well and without other things to worry about.

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    The way you explained everything is incredible. As we all know, Kitchen is one of the most visited places in the house so we need to keep it neat and clean. If you are doing cooking you need some accessories, These accessories should be unique and good in quality. So that you can cook a healthy meal.

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    Thanks for all the great design ideas.I’m looking forward to more photos of the spaces using all the trends of 2021.The white cabinets are very aesthetic.

  • I love your idea of making a large kitchen island. That should really be practical for a family with a lot of kids, that way they have a place to hang out while the food is being prepared as well. I’ll have to be sure to match its colors and materials with the rest of the kitchen like the cabinetry and appliances. We’re currently remodeling our house to make it more accommodating to our kids. I think a large island will be the way to go for our kitchen.

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